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Wine & Fruit Wine Making

For those of us interested in a more sophisticated (alcoholic) beverage, wine is choice. Ironically, making wine is almost easier than making beer, but requires a more careful touch when it comes to balancing your flavors. You can make wine making into a time and labor intensive process by using fresh grapes, which allows you to have complete control over your product. Alternatively, if you would like to get your feet wet, fruit concentrate kits are an excellent way to get you started making wine. Plus they are available all year round, which is good for the more experienced vintner as well. If you are already a home brewer, you have much of the equipment needed to get started making your own wine, now all you need is the knowledge.

  • Enology Terminology
    As with any domain there are terms and concepts that you need to be familiar with in order to understand the process. This list will give you a good introduction to the process.
  • Varietal Profiles
    Each grape family, or varietal, has a unique flavor profile that will determine your finished wine. Find out about these families and their characteristics from this incredibly informative as well as amusing guide.
  • How to Make Wine
    Learn the processes and equipment required to make wine, from choosing grapes to bottle aging.
  • Using Wine Kits
    The basics of making wine from a wine juice concentrate kit.
  • Finding Grapes *Coming Soon*
    If you are looking to make wine from grapes, you are going to need to find some grapes to use. Here are some local places to find wine grapes.
  • Fruit Wine Recipes
    Fruit wines are an excellent way to expand your flavor repertoire and your skills as a vintner. They are also a good way to appreciate your local fruit growers' wares.
  • Yeast Profiles
    The yeast you use will affect the flavor of your wine. This list will help you make an informed decision as to the right yeast for your wine.
  • Wine Tasting & Pairing *Coming Soon*
    Understanding the basics of wine tasting and pairing with food will help you appreciate your wine and enhance the wine drinking experience.
  • Other Wine Making Resources *Coming Soon*
    There are many online resources available to the home vintner, such as communities, magazines, educational programs, etc.
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