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Mead Making

Mead is believed to be the first alcoholic beverage known to man, thought to be caused by the spontaneous fermentation of wild yeast in honey. The result is a wine-like drink with the complex flavors of honey. Mead can be flavored with fruit or spices, can be anywhere from sweet to dry, can be hopped for longer shelf-life, and can be sparkling or flat, the choice is up to you. If you are already a home brewer, you have much of the equipment needed to get started making your own mead, now all you need is the knowledge. Since nature can make it so easily, so can you!

  • Mead Terminology
    Because mead has a long an varied history and is such a maliable drink, it has many names both in different tongues and for the different additives.
  • History of Mead
    This drink is potentially tens of thousands of years old. Learn about the journey it has taken and its various incarnations throughout history.
  • How to Make Mead
    Learn how to make this nectar of the gods.
  • Recipes for Mead
    It takes trial and error to find the right balance of ingredients in mead, so why not pick up where others have left off. Stand on the shoulders of giants and start making better mead.
  • Honey Varietals
    The type of honey you use will affect the flavor profile of your finished mead, these guidelines will help you choose the flavors you want and avoid the flavors you don't.
  • Local Honey Spots
    Unpasturized honey is not something you can necessarily find at your local grocer, here are some places to find honey in the Los Angeles county area and beyond.
  • Yeast Profiles
    The yeast you use will also affect the flavor profile and the finishing sweetness of your mead.
  • Other Mead Making Resources
    There are many online resources available to you as a mead-maker, such as communities and competitions.
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