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Finding Honey for Mead

Unfortunately the honey you find at the grocery store is not good for making mead. This is because it is pasteurized, and the more filtering or cooking or processing the honey is subjected to, the less flavor it has in the long run. If you are lucky enough to have a local farmers' market or apiary they are your best bet for finding raw honey. If you are really adventurous or have lots of time, you can keep your own bees.

Local Apiaries

If you are looking for some local apiaries, the National Honey Board has a Honey Locator that will help you find a local source of liquid gold. We have a couple of apiaries in Long Beach that make trips around LA county for farmers' markets, and they are the following...

Local Farmers' Markets

California is ripe with farm fresh produce, and thus we have many farmers' markets. There is a Farmers' Market listing at the CA Federation of Certified Farmers' Markets. For instance there are markets in...

  • Culver City: Tuesday
  • Century City: Thursday
  • Santa Monica: Wednesday, Saturday, & Sunday


This may not be a solution for most of us city-dwellers, but if ever you want to have a go, here are some places to learn about the ancient art of keeping bees.

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