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Wine & Mead Making

Whether you are a homebrewer who is looking to expand their repetroire of skills beyond beer, or someone looking to start making wine or mead as their first homebrewing experience, we can help you get started. These resources will hopefully give you an idea of the equipment and processes involved. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to drop us a line and pick our brains about making potent potables at home.

  • Wine & Fruit Wine Making
    If you like to go wine tasting, as many of us who live in wine country like to do, then it is only natural to want to make your own. Fruit wines have a history of being made by the home-vintner, and are an excellent option for people who can get access to fresh fruit.
  • Mead Making
    Mead is fermented honey water, which is rumored to be our earliest imbibed alcoholic beverage. The taste is very complex and can be as sophisticated as a dry white wine or champagne, or as mellow and sweet as an after dinner aperatiffe.
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