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CCHBS News for December 2007

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  1. Recipe Specials for December
  2. Books Make Great Gifts
  3. Wort Chillers for the Holidays
  4. Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

Recipe Specials for December

Belgian Strong Ales is Pacific Gravity's style of the month for February. We've got a new variation on one of our oldest recipes… so we're putting one of our oldest, and newest, recipes on special. To round things out, we're adding a couple of great recipes for December brewing.

First up is our new/old recipe, Double Trouble Belgian Dubbel. It's been around for years but once we tried it with the new Belgian Dark Candi Syrup as and addition, we realized we'd found the definitive version. $38 during December.

Lynch's Kiltlifting Scotch Ale is another old favorite. It's also a natural for December brewing because Scotch ales are a great wintertime beverage and the yeast works best in cool temperatures. $30 during December.

Angeles Alt is another great recipe for brewing during the cooler months. Dusseldorf Alt is a favorite style for many in the club and, because the only way you can get one is to brew it yourself, a natural for homebrewing. Try it for only $23 during December.

Books Make Great Gifts

Last month we mentioned two new books that just came out: Brewing Classic Styles and The Best of American Beer & Food. Those are only the newest of the many great brewing books we have in stock. Whether it's the Classic Style series, recipe books like Clone Brews, in-depth looks at familes of beer like Brewing Lager Beer, Brew Like a Monk, Farmhouse Ales, or all-around books like How to Brew and Designing Great Beers, we've got them in stock.

Wort Chillers for the Holidays

Nothing brings on that holiday feeling like cooler temperatures and nothing cools wort better than a wort chiller. So buy a wort chiller and, uh, get in the holiday spirit. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

We're well stocked on a number of yeasts which are perfect for summertime brewing, including Wyeast 3056 Bavarian Wheat and 3726 Farmhouse Ale. We've also got seasonals from White Labs in stock, including Saison Blend, Cream Ale Blend, Dusseldorf Alt, Australian Ale, Antwerp Ale and Abbey Ale IV. You can make great beer from any and all of these, so why not try them instead of the same old, same old?


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