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CCHBS News for December 2005

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  1. Partner/Employee Needed!
  2. Recipe Specials for December
  3. Books Make Great Holiday Gifts
  4. Gift Certificates Make Holiday Shopping Easy

Partner/Employee Needed!

In case you hadn't heard yet, Craig Baker is moving to Northern California at the end of the year. This means that we need someone who can work on Wednesdays and Fridays. These are the days we receive deliveries, so if we can't find someone to work them, we may have no choice but to close the store. Extra money is involved, since the partner who takes those days puts in many more days than the rest of us.

Recipe Specials for December

In February, Pacific Gravity will feature English ales. These are among our most popular recipes, so take advantage of these special prices and bring the results to February's meeting. Our first special is Notting Hill Pub Bitter. This is a fine example of an Ordinary Bitter and while it's usually priced at $20, during December it's only $16! Next up is Burton Pale Ale. If you like Bass Ale, this should be a favorite, especially since it's only $22 this month. Brown Derby Ale is our version of Northern Brown Ales, like Newcastle Brown. It too is on special for $22. Last, but not least is Old Perpendicular. If you like Old Peculier you should give this one a try. It'll cost you just $30 through December.

Books Make Great Holiday Gifts

If you're looking for gifts for a brewer, books should be at the top of your list. We have a wide array, ranging from books that are good for beginners, like Homebrewing Vol. One and How to Brew to books for the advanced brewer, like Designing Great Beers, Farmhouse Ales and the new How to Brew like a Monk. We've also got books which go into great detail about specific styles, like Pale Ale, Stout, Continental Pilsner and Porter. And if you're interested in pairing beer with food we've got the best book ever written on the subject: The Brewmaster's Table.

Gift Certificates Make Holiday Shopping Easy

If you've got a brewer on your shopping list but have no idea what to get, we've got a solution for you: gift certificates. You can buy them in any amount and let the recipient decide what to buy with them.

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