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CCHBS News for December 2004

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  1. December Recipe Specials
  2. Extended Holiday Hours!
  3. Books Make Great Gifts
  4. Gift Certificates Available

December Recipe Specials

In February, the Pacific Gravity meeting will feature English Ales. We've got several good recipes, so we're putting them all on special to encourage folks to brew for the meeting. Our first featured recipe is Notting Hill Pub Bitter, a great example of the style known as Ordinary Bitter. This beer has a flavor that isn't ordinary at all. and during December the price is an extraordinary $16. Also on special is Burton Pale Ale, one of our oldest and most popular recipes. It's a classic English Pale Ale and you can try it for $22 in December. Our final special is another oldie-but-goodie: Brown Derby Ale. If you like English Brown Ales, this is the one for you and it's only $22 during December.

Holiday Hours!

Sure we'll be closed on Christmas and New Year's Day, but to make up for it, we're opening for longer hours during the latter part of December. Starting on December 17th, we'll stay open until 9PM on Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays, including Christmas Eve! On Sunday, the 19th we'll be open from Noon-6PM. So take advantage of our extended hours and give the gift of homebrew!

Books Make Great Gifts

Is it possible to know too much about homebrewing? Whether it's one of the Classic Style Guide series, Designing Great Beers, Radical Brewing or something more general, there's lots of great information in the books we have available. And books make great holiday gifts!

Gift Certificates Available

Still not sure what to give that special someone? If they're a homebrewer, we've got the perfect thing: a Culver City Home Brewing gift certificate. With one of these, you don't have to know whether they brew with extract or all-grain or whether they like Columbus hops or Hallertauer. P.S. If you're a homebrewer, print this out and leave it where your special someone can find it!

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