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CCHBS News for November 2009

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  1. Closed on Thanksgiving
  2. Larger and Smaller Fermenting Buckets in Stock
  3. Out With the Wheat, in With the Dark
  4. Extract Prices Drop Again
  5. New Dry Yeast Selections in Stock

Closed on Thanksgiving

We stay open on a lot of holidays throughout the year, but there are a few we observe. Thanksgiving, for one, along with Christmas and New Year's Day. So if you're wondering if we'll be open on a holiday, ask yourself "Are there football games to watch today?" If the answer is yes, we're probably closed.

Larger and Smaller Fermenting Buckets in Stock

We now have fermenting buckets both larger and smaller than the traditional 6 gallon size. For only $22.95 we have 7.8 gallon buckets with a drilled lid. If you're brewing 2.5 gallon batches, you'll be glad to know that we've also started stocking 3.5 gallon buckets, on a trial basis.

Out With the Wheat, in With the Dark

The weather has finally cooled off a little, so we've switched over from wheat extract to dark extract in our 6 and 3 lb. jars. If you really want to brew wheat beers, we will continue to stock wheat extract in cans and dry packaging.

Extract Prices Drop Again

More farmers returned to growing barley so we were able to drop our prices again. Six pounds of bulk Alexander's is now $17.00, and 3 pounds costs $9. We're keeping an eye on hop prices and availability as well and may be able to drop the price in the near future.

New Dry Yeast Selections in Stock

We now have two lager yeasts amongst our dry yeast selections. Saflager S-23 has been around for a while and seems to ferment best in the high 50s. Saflager 34/70 is a new release, on the other hand. It comes from the famous Weihenstephan brewing school and is said to be one of the most popular yeasts with European breweries. It's also reputed to be the same strain as WLP800 German Ale and 2206 Bavarian Lager. Both these yeasts cost $5 but that's still a bargain compared to a liquid strain.

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