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CCHBS News for November 2005

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  1. Recipe Specials for November
  2. Have Beergun Will Bottle
  3. Keg Chargers Let Your Kegs Travel
  4. Try Carbonator Caps
  5. Use Carboy Handles and Save Your Back
  6. Amarillo Hops in Stock

Recipe Specials for November

The Pacific Gravity style of the month for January is Belgian Ales and we've got a great one. But since this is also a good time of year for brewing other styles, we've got a few of those for you too. Our featured recipe is Double Trouble Belgian Dubbel, a fine example of a Trappist Dubbel. If you're feeling pious, you can try it for $30 during November. If you're feeling cool we've got another great choice: Cool Runnings Caribbean Stout. It's stronger and less hoppy than the familiar Irish Stout and you can brew one for only $30. Scottish ales are also good choices for brewing when the temperatures are cool and our selection is McGregor's Scottish 80/-. It's our version of a Scottish 80 shilling (export) ale and it's priced at $22 during November. Finally, if November puts you in the mood for chilling at the beach, you can brew our Venice Beach Cream Ale for only $22.

Have Beergun Will Bottle

If you're a kegger who needs to bottle occasionally, we've got a great new solution for you. Blichmann Engineering's Beergun is reputed to be the easiest and fastest way to fill bottles from the keg. We've been hearing rave reviews from early adopters, so we've started stocking them. But don't wait long because this first batch is going to go fast.

Keg Chargers Let Your Kegs Travel

If you'd like to take your kegs along with during the party season, there's nothing better than a Keg Charger. These handy little units use small CO2 cartridges, freeing you from hauling your tank and regulator to parties. Impress your friends for only $20.

Try Carbonator Caps

If you don't want to take a full keg to parties, the Carbonator Cap is a great alternative. These handy caps are threaded to fit on a 2-liter soda bottle, so you can fill a bottle with beer, then give it a shot of pressure to keep the beer carbonated. Try them, they really really work!

Amarillo Hops in Stock

You may have heard people raving around Amarillo hops on some of the new online forums. Unfortunately, they're hard to find so we haven't had them in stock until now. We're getting a few pounds from American Hop Plugs so don't wait too long or they may be gone before you can try them.

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