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CCHBS News for October 2006

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  1. Recipe Specials for October
  2. Wyeast Seasonal Yeasts in Stock
  3. Liquid Yeast - Prices Going Up
  4. 10 Gallon Corny Keg in Stock
  5. Beer Guns in Stock
  6. LATE NEWS: Whole Amarillo, Centennial & Simcoe

Recipe Specials for October

If you're planning on beer to the Pacific Gravity/CCHBS Holiday Party, and if you're not you should be, this is the time to brew them. To make it easier for you, we've got some great recipes on special this month.

Our first recipe special is Santa Monica Pale Ale. This is our single most popular recipe so we don't usually put it on special. Just think of it as our little Christmas present to you because it's only $22 during October.

Next is another pale ale, Burton Pale Ale. This is a long-time favorite and is very popular with anyone who likes Bass Ale. Try it for $22 during October.

Another old recipe is Old Perpendicular, which is an English Old Ale. Strong, but not too hoppy, it's on sale for $30 during October.

Finally, we're continuing the special on our Holiday Spiced, because some of you just have to add spice to your holiday season beers. You know who you are. If you resemble that remark, you can brew it for just $30 this month.

Wyeast Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

We just got the Wyeast Pacman, Canadian/Belgian and Schelde Ale yeasts in. Pacman is Rogue's proprietary yeast and this is the first time it's available on the market. The Canadian/Belgian strain is also from a well-known brewery: Unibroue. Schelde Ale is a little bit harder to pin down, but since the Schelde River runs through Antwerp, current speculation is that it is most likely the DeKoninck yeast.

Liquid Yeast – Prices Going Up

It's been a long time since we raised the prices on Wyeast and White Labs liquid yeast, but recent increases leave us no choice. Effective October 1, we will start charging $7.50 for both White Labs tubes and Wyeast activator packs. Don't forget that's $7.13 with a club discount.

10 Gallon Corny Keg in Stock

We have a single 10 gallon corny keg in stock. If you've been trying to find one, you know how rare these have become. Several Pacific Gravity members use these as fermenters for 9 gallon batches, so if you've been thinking about going to stainless steel fermenters, this is the cheapest way to do it.

Beer Guns in Stock

We're stocked up on the Beer Gun bottle fillers again, so if you came by while we were sold out it's time to try again. If you haven't heard of these yet, they're supposed to be the easiest, quickest way to fill bottles from a keg. Everyone who's bought one from us so far has loved them, so take a look

LATE NEWS: Whole Amarillo, Centennial & Simcoe

We just ordered these hard to find hops, for delivery on Friday the 6th. If you haven't tried Amarillo, you're in for a treat. It's got an orange/tangerine flavor and aroma, as opposed to the classic grapefruit-like Cascade. Centennial is the hop Sierra Nevada uses for Celebration Ale, so break out those clone recipes. Simcoe is a hop we're asked about often, but can't usually get. It's a high alpha hop with what's described as a piney aroma. All three are grown on limited acreage and sell out fast, so don't waste time because when this shipment is gone, we probably won't be able to get any more. The price will be a little higher at $1.50/ounce but all of these hops are worth the extra quarter.

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