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CCHBS News for October 2005

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  1. Recipe Specials for October
  2. New Website Online Now!
  3. Phil's Immersion and Counterflow Chillers
  4. Cascade Pellets at Bulk Prices

Recipe Specials for September

In December, Pacific Gravity and CCHBS have our annual Holiday Party instead of a meeting. Since our parties feature beer and we want everyone to bring their best, we're featuring some of our best. Our first special is Brown Derby Ale, a fine example of a Norther English Brown Ale. This is one of our oldest, and best, recipes and it's on sale for $22 during September. Our second recipe is another English Brown Ale, this time from the South: Queen Mary Brown Ale. It's on sale for $22. Continuing our theme, Malibu Brown Ale features the hopiness typical of American ales, for only $22. Finally we have Lynch's Kiltlifting Scotch Ale. It's great for those who aren't big hop heads and a fine Winter warmer. Plus it's on sale for a thrifty $30 this month.

New Website Online Now!

If you haven't visited our new website, designed by Jillian Wallis, you're really missing out! It's not only got a great new look, there's plenty of brewing content for you to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Browse on over to right away!

Phil's Immersion and Counterflow Chillers

We've been quietly selling these for a few months now. They feature a combination of functionality and low cost which make them both a great choice for anyone who needs a wort chiller. There are flashier products around that carry much higher price tabs, but if you just want to get your wort cooled down quickly, these will do the job. And what else do you need, really?

Cascade Pellets Below Bulk Pricing

We're still overstocked on Cascade hop pellets, so we're continuing our price break. We're packaging them in 4 oz bags which are priced at $3.00 each. That's a whopping $.50/oz. cheaper than our usual pricing.

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