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CCHBS News for October 2004

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  1. October Recipe Specials
  2. Complete Kegging Setups Available
  3. Specal Orders Don't Upset Us
  4. Save Money with Bulk Cards
  5. Spotlight on Technique - Dryhopping

October Recipe Specials

Pacific Gravity doesn't have a featured style in December, but the club and the store do team up for a really great holiday party! So we're featuring some really great holiday beers this month: Melrose Mild, Notting Hill Pub Bitter, Old Perpendicular and Lynch's Kiltlifting Scotch Ale.

Melrose Mild is our example of an English Dark Mild Ale. This style originated in the coal mining areas of Northern England where hard-working men (and women & children) needed a refreshing brew after a long day's work. It's low in alcohol while still full of flavor thanks to dark roasted grains. Refresh yourself for only $18 during October.

Notting Hill Pub Bitter is another low-alcohol recipe, but it's still rich in flavor. It's a classic example of an English session beer - perfect for a full evening of drinking, whether it's at the local pub or a holiday party. Drink this one all night long for only $18.

Old Perpendicular is a different kind of beer. It's strong but not too hoppy: characteristics of the style known as Old Ale. These beers are also sometimes referred to as a Winter Warmer, so warm yourself for only $30.

Lynch's Kiltlifting Scotch Ale is a recipe created by one of our founders - Steve Labrie. If you've ever met Steve, it shouldn't surprise you that it's a strong, full-bodied ale. Legend has it that he named it after his mother and we can only hope it's because her maiden name was Lynch. Brew this one for only $30 and you can consider calling it Brenda Barry's Kiltlifting Scotch Ale.

Complete Kegging Systems Available

Since we have some nice, new aluminum tanks filled with CO2 and a few of those rebuilt corny kegs left in stock, we decided to offer complete systems for $199.95. These are really pretty, so give yourself a present and be free from bottling.

Special Orders Don't Upset Us

Before you order items we don't carry from some online store, check with us. If we can order what you want as part of one of our regular orders, we'll give you a reduced markup. In almost every case, it will be a good bit cheaper than it would have cost online.

Save Money with Bulk Cards

If you're trying to cut down on the cost of brewing, why not consider our Bulk Cards? It's like buying in bulk, only we do the storage for you.

Spotlight on Technique - Dry Hopping

If you've been wondering how to get more hop aroma from your brews, dry hopping is a technique you should know more about. The name comes from the fact that the hops aren't added to the kettle during the boil, they're added to the secondary fermenter (or keg) while still dry. This approach extracts maximum aroma while having little to no impact on flavor and bitterness.

To dry hop a batch of beer, you'll need .5 - 1.5 ounce of hops, depending on how much hop aroma you want to add. While you can use hop pellets for dry hopping, I find that the easiest approach is to use whole hops. You don't need a bag, just stuff them down the neck of the carboy - they'll float on top of the beer and you can siphon it out from under them after a week or so.

Another approach is to dry hop in the keg. This approach is commonly used in England for cask-conditioned ales. If you want to try this, you'd be best off using one of the little Sure Screens we sell at the shop. Just slip one over the end of your keg's dip tube and you won't end up with hops in your beer.

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