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CCHBS News for October 2003

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  1. November Recipe Specials
  2. Teach a Friend to Homebrew, Get Free Yeast
  3. Converted Sanke Keg Brew Kettles - $50 Off
  4. Bench Cappers Back in Stock
  5. Jet Washers in Stock
  6. Spotlight on Grain - Golden Promise

November Recipe Specials

The Pacific Gravity January style of the month is Scottish ales, so guess what kind of recipes we're featuring for November? The names McGregor's Scottish 80/ and Lynch's Kiltlifting Scotch Ale should give you a hint.

Scottish "80 Shilling" ales are also known as "Export Ales". They're roughly equivalent to the English Best Bitters but they're lower in hop bitterness, emphasizing malt instead. Ordinarily selling for $26, this recipe is on sale for $22.00 to frugal Scots and other bargain seekers.

Lynch's Kiltlifting Scotch Ale is an old favorite at CCHBS. It's a fine example of a Wee Heavy, which is the strongest of the Scottish ales. Rich and malty, this one will keep you warm on a cold night. Regularly $34.00, on sale for $30.00

Teach a Friend, Get Free Yeast

Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day is Saturday, November 1st. To celebrate, Pacific Gravity will be holding a Teach a Friend club brew starting at 10AM at Rob Kadota's house, 3759 Barry Avenue, just off Venice Blvd, a block west of McLaughin.

For our part, CCHBS is extending the concept to the entire month of November. If you bring in a friend who buys one of our starter kits, we'll give you a free pitchable yeast from either Wyeast or White Labs. That's a $6.50 gift from us for introducing a friend to the world of homebrewing. So bring 'em in!

Converted Sanke Keg Brew Kettles - $50 Off

We've had some really nice converted keg brew kettles from Sabco for a while now, so we're slashing prices to move them out. These are very nice, legal (no embossed brewery names) kegs from one of the biggest names in the business. Two are fully equipped as brew kettles and the other is ready to go as a hot liquor tank. $50 off the price as marked.

Bench Cappers in Stock

People have been asking for bench cappers so we decided to bring them back. These are different from the old models that were prone to cracking. There are two different models to choose from, starting at $24.95.

Jet Washers in Stock

Jet washers are handy gadgets which do a great job of cleaning bottles and carboys. Just screw it onto a faucet and let water pressure do the cleaning for you!

Spotlight on Grain - Golden Promise

Scottish Golden Promise is one of the classic strains of brewing barleys having been used for Scottish ales and Scotch whisky for many years. It's also an endangered species, with the acreage under cultivation declining every year in favor of grains with less character but higher yield per acre. A close relative of Maris Otter, it shares many of that strain's characteristics, being especially well suited to single step mashing. If you're thinking about brewing an authentic all-grain Scottish Ale, Golden Promise is far and away the best choice. But it may not remain a choice for long, so try it while you can. If you'd like to try a commercial beer that uses it, one good choice is the aptly named Golden Promise Organic Ale by Caledonian Brewery. The Macallan and Glengoyne distilleries also use significant amounts of Golden Promise in their Scotch whiskys.

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