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CCHBS News for September 2008

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  1. Warm Weather Recipes
  2. More Good Hop News!
  3. Wort Chillers Make Sense for Summertime Brewing
  4. 5.2 pH Stabilizer for All-Grain Brewing
  5. Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

Warm Weather Recipes

Labor Day has passed but the warm weather is still with us. Luckily for you, we've been working hard at developing new recipes, which are suited to warmer fermentation temperatures. One old favorite is Yellow Brick Road Wheat Beer which, when brewed as a German Hefeweizen, works well in temperatures up to 80 degrees. Another good recipe for this time of year is Wit Men Can't Jump which is in the style of Belgian Witbiers like Hoegaarden or the newer St. Bernardus Wit. If wheat just isn't your thing, try our Saison d'Etre, made in the classic Belgian farmhouse style. In fact, almost any Belgian yeast is good in warm weather, so consider any of our traditional Belgian recipes, like Evil Monk Belgian Pale Ale or Double Trouble Abbey Dubbel. Finally, we've been working hard at developing new recipes, so if you want something new, there's our Suicide Blond Belgian Blond Ale, Tripel Crown which is a Trappist-style Tripel and The Duivel and Miss Jones, our version of a Belgian Strong Golden Ale.

More Good Hop News!

Amarillo hop pellets are available again, as are Centennial. These have been gone by this time of year in the past, but we have them both in stock, for the time being.

Wort Chillers Make Sense for Summertime Brewing

You know that it's best to cool your wort down as quickly as possible, but the water coming out of the tap isn't terribly cool at this time of year. Why not buy a wort cooler? It'll speed things up tremendously for stove-top batches and you'll be ready to go when you see that great price on a turkey fryer and decide to go to full-boil batches.

5.2 pH Stabilizer for All-Grain Brewing

Most all-grain brewers don't worry about mash pH and, in many cases, their beers come out just fine. However, if you're brewing light or very dark beers, you should. The easiest way to adjust your mash is to buy a jar of 5.2 pH Stabilizer.

Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

We have a number of seasonal yeasts available. The newest from Wyeast are the French Farmhouse, Biere de Garde and French Saison strains. We also have their Canadian Belgian yeast and Bavarian Wheat Blend. Meanwhile, in White Lab's platinum line, we have Saison Blend, Dusseldorf Alt, Abbey Ale IV and Belgian Wit II.

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