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CCHBS News for September 2006

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  1. Recipe Specials for September
  2. Seasonal Yeasts in Stock
  3. New Hop - Palisade
  4. Reconditioned Corny Kegs in Stock
  5. Liquid Yeast - Prices Going Up

Recipe Specials for September

September is the time to start brewing the strong beers that sustain us through those long winter nights spent huddled around the fireplace while the howling wind outside build snowdrifts up the eaves of the house. OK, so that doesn't ever happen in Los Angeles but since Pacific Gravity's November style of the month is Strong Ales, it's still a good time to brew strong beers. Accordingly, we've got some of our stronger recipes on sale this month.

Our first recipe special is Double Trouble Belgian Dubbel, continuing on special from last month. It's a tasty extract version of one of the classic Trappist styles. If you want it to be even better, try brewing it with a bottle of Candi Sugar Syrup. $30 during September.

Next is an old favorite, Fred Waltman's classic King Kong Porter. It's a Robust Porter in the vein of those from Anchor or Sierra Nevada. Try it yourself for $30 during September.

Another recipe by one of our founders is Lynch's Kiltlifting Scotch Ale. Steve Labrie created this one and it's a favorite of those who like to sip a nice Scotch Ale. It's on sale for $30 during September.

Our Holiday Spiced Ale is one that doesn't appear on our list of recipes, but it's good one nonetheless. It's a great choice for someone who wants to try a spiced ale for the holidays. And you can brew it for $30 this month.

Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

We currently have Wyeast Roselare and Biere de Garde yeasts in stock along with White Labs Dusseldorf Alt, Bavarian Weizen, Old Bavarian Lager, Mexican Lager, Zurich Lager, Bastogne Belgian Ale. Soon we're also going to have the Rogue Pacman yeast from Wyeast. This one should go fast so if you want it, let us know now so we can order enough.

New Hop - Palisade

For those of you who like to experiment, we have some Palisade hop plugs in stock. This is a new hop on the market and is bred from Swiss Tettnanger. At 8.3% alpha acid it's a medium-bitter hop and has a flavor and aroma similar to a noble hop. They also remind me of a much smoother version of Chinook.

Reconditioned Corny Kegs in Stock

Our current bunch of corny kegs is the nicest looking we ever had. They look almost new and couldn't have been in use by a soda company for very long, if at all. If you're thinking about getting more kegs or starting kegging, don't wait because we don't know how much longer these will be available.

Liquid Yeast – Prices Going Up

It's been a long time since we raised the prices on Wyeast and White Labs liquid yeast, but recent increases leave us no choice. Effective October 1, we will start charging $7.50 for both White Labs tubes and Wyeast activator packs. Don't forget that's $7.13 with a club discount.

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