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CCHBS News for September 2005

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  1. Recipe Specials for September
  2. New Website Coming Soon!
  3. Weyermann's German Extracts in Stock
  4. Cascade Pellets at Bulk Prices
  5. Drop Off Your Pacific Brewers Cup Entries Here

Recipe Specials for September

At November's meeting, Pacific Gravity will feature Porter as its style of the month. Since we've got two award-winning Porter recipes, we're featuring both of them this month, along with a couple of recipes suitable for warm weather brewing. Our first special is Playa Porter. This is one of our oldest, and best, recipes and it's on sale for $22 during September. Our second recipe is another classic, King Kong Porter. Another award winner, this recipe is a fine example of a Robust Porter and it's on sale for $26. Since September also means hot weather, we're also featuring a couple of beers which use yeast which thrive on warm temperatures. Yellow Brick Road Wheat Beer can be brewed as a Hefeweizen, or German wheat beer, which is great for warm weather. It's on sale for $22 during the month of September. Finally we have Evil Monk Belgian Pale Ale. It's great for those who aren't big hop heads and it's also on sale for $22 this month.

New Website Coming Soon!

Our old webpage, originally designed by Fred Waltman years ago, has served us well but it's showing its age. Thanks to one of our customers, Jillian Wallis, we're going to have a new website very soon now. We've just got to finish the debugging process, so
start checking this weekend.

Weyermann's German Extract in Stock

Weyerman has released a new line of malt extracts, made in Germany using German malts. We've been getting a few of each as they become available. For you extract brewers who are interested brewing authentic German beers, this extract is for you.

Cascade Pellets at Bulk Pricing

We're overstocked on Cascade hop pellets, so we're giving you a price break. We're packaging them in 4 oz bags which are priced at $3.00 each. That's a whopping $.50/oz. cheaper than our usual pricing.

Drop Off Point for Pacific Brewers Cup

Don't forget that we're a drop off point for the 2005 Pacific Brewers Cup. Stop by with your entries any time between now and September 16th.

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