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CCHBS News for September 2004

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  1. September Recipe Specials
  2. Re-use Your Malt Jars!
  3. Winemakers - Last Chance to Order Grapes
  4. English Challenger Whole Hops in Stock
  5. Carboy Draining Stands in Stock
  6. Spotlight on Competition - L.A. County Fair Results

September Recipe Specials

In November, Pacific Gravity will feature India Pale Ale as its style of the month. We've got not one, but two great IPA recipes - Inglewood IPA and 30 Minute IPA. Plus, because hot weather is still possible, we're continuing our special on Yellow Brick Road Wheat Beer.

Inglewood IPA is one of our oldest recipes. Originally called Indiana Pale Ale, we decided to rename it in honor of our resident hop-head. Whatever you call it, this is a classic example of an American IPA. $30 during September.

30 Minute IPA is one of Greg's favorite recipes. Why? It's quick, it's easy, it's tasty and the first time he brewed it, it scored a 42.5 in a large Las Vegas competition. You can score points with you friends for only $30.

Yellow Brick Road Wheat Beer is our most versatile recipe. Use German wheat beer yeast and you've got a Hefeweizen. Use American ale yeast and you'll get an American-style wheat beer. Add fruit or fruit extract and it makes a great fruit beer. Do what you want for only $22.

Re-use Your Malt Jars!

We've run out of 6 lb. malt extract jars and because our manufacturer is back-ordered, we won't have any for a few more weeks. So we're offering $1.00 off if you bring in your malt jars to be re-filled. That's right, 6 lbs. of malt extract for only $13.50. NOTE: We can't sell used jars, so only bring jars if you're having them refilled. We appreciate the thought, but it doesn't help for you to bring jars and leave them with us.

Winemakers - Last Chance to Order Grapes

There's still time to order Merlot and/or Cabernet Sauvignon grapes but the deadline is approaching fast. If we don't have enough orders to go forward by Saturday, we'll have no choice but to cancel this grape buy too. So don't delay, get your orders in today!

English Challenger Whole Hops in Stock

You've been asking for more varieties of English whole hops, so we've stocked up with English Challenger - lots of it. The only way we could get it was to order a bunch, so it's up to you to make use of it. How? Here's an idea - how about making an English IPA for November using big handfulls of Challenger instead of the usual IPA using handfulls of Columbus?

Carboy Draining Stands in Stock

If you've been struggling with a way to hold your carboys upside down while draining them, we have a solution. They're those funny, light blue, hat-looking devices in front of the store. Try one, you'll like it.

Spotlight on Competition - L.A. County Fair Results

Congratulations to CCHBS partners Craig Baker, Tim Bardet and Greg Beron for their results in the L.A. County Fair. They combined to win 12 ribbons, including 5 first-place ribbons - that's a whopping 25% of the total ribbons awarded! OK, we're bragging but if you're thinking about buying your supplies elsewhere maybe you should consider asking about their competition results. Wouldn't you prefer to be able to ask questions of winning brewers? And wouldn't you rather brew from a recipe that's won ribbons in competition?

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