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CCHBS News for August 2009

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  1. New Fermenting Buckets in Stock!
  2. Warm Weather Beers
  3. Brew Your Own Magazine and Special Editions
  4. Extract Prices Drop!
  5. Sign-up List for Beginners Classes
  6. Seasonal Yeast Selections in Stock

New Fermenting Buckets in Stock!

We have decided to stock the True Brew buckets for primary fermenting. The standard bucket that comes with starter kits is listed as 6.5 gallon and is $18 with a drilled lid. For only $22.95 we also have the True Brew 7.8 gallon bucket with a drilled lid. If you have air locks filling with foam from happy yeasts try the larger bucket to reduce the need for a blow-off tube.

Warm Weather Beers

The heat spell we've been suffering through has made it difficult to brew many ales unless you live near the ocean, crank up the airconditioning, or use a water bath. Westill have wheat extract on tap and now is the time to brew wheat or Belgian style beers. Many will ferment well past70 degrees. If you can't find a recipeon our recipe board, ask and we'll pull one out of the folder. The Suicide Blonde, Saison d'Etre , Tripel Crown and Evil Monk Belgian Pale Ale are all tried and true recipes. The Near Dark Dunkelweizen and Wizard of Oz Weizenbock also ferment well in warm weather.

Brew Your Own Magazine

In addition to our stock of brewing books we have books and pamphlets on cider, wine and vinegar making. We also sell Brew Your Own magazine and special editions. We have the BYO Beginner's Guide to Beer and WineMaking, 150 Classic Clone Recipes, and Hop Lover's Guide in addition to their Guide to Wine Kits. BYO magazine is $4.99, the special editions $6.99.

Extract Prices Drop!

Since the economy has somewhat stabilized the price of extract has dropped a bit, and we are reflecting that in our extract prices. Six pounds of bulk Alexander's is now $17.50, and 3 pounds is $9. We're keeping an eye on hop prices and availability as well and may be able to drop the price in the near future.

Sign-up List for Beginners Classes

The beginners brewing class on the first Thursday of each month got so popular we added a second class. That class was so popular we've had to start limiting enrollment by instituting a sign-up list. If you're a beginner and couldn't get into the Thursday class, sign up for the Tuesday class. It's on the third Tuesday of each month.

Seasonal Yeast Selections in Stock

We make a point of carrying a good selection of seasonal yeast offerings from both Wyeast and White Labs. Right now we have a large stock of White Labs Saison Blend 568 and Saison 565, as well as Wyeast French Saison. They're all good for warm ferments and go well with the Saison d'Etre recipe.

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