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CCHBS News for August 2008

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  1. New Recipes for Summer Brewing
  2. More Good Hop News!
  3. Blue Flip-Top Bottles for the Price of Amber
  4. Sparging Bags for Low Cost All-Grain Setups
  5. Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

New Recipes for Summer Brewing

If you had a chance to taste it at the Pacific Gravity summer party, you know our new Suicide Blond recipe is a winner. It's a Belgian Blond Ale which got its name from a fly that divebombed the wort while Greg was testing the recipe during the beginners class. We should be able to taste our other new recipes, Tripel Crown and The Duivel and Miss Jones, any time now, so check with us for updates.

More Good Hop News!

For the first time in over a year, we have Styrian Goldings hop pellets in stock! The list of hops we can't get is still long but since summer is a good time for brewing Belgians, this is good news indeed.

Blue Flip-Top Bottles for the Price of Amber

Our distributor sent us blue flip-top (Grolsch-style) bottles by mistake, but charged us for amber. So we're going to pass the savings along to you. If you've been thinking about the blue bottles for a special presentation beer, this is your chance to buy them and save.

Sparging Bags for Low Cost All-Grain Setups

If you're trying to move up to all-grain brewing on budget, our new sparging bags are a great option for you. They're sized to fit a 6 gallon bucket, but will work very will with a 5 gallon igloo cooler.

Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

We have a number of seasonal yeasts available. The newest from Wyeast are the French Farmhouse, Biere de Garde and French Saison strains. We also have their Canadian Belgian yeast and Bavarian Wheat Blend. Meanwhile, in White Lab's platinum line, we have Saison Blend, Dusseldorf Alt, Abbey Ale IV and Belgian Wit II.

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