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CCHBS News for August 2007

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  1. Recipe Specials for August
  2. Seasonal Yeasts in Stock
  3. Carboy Draining Racks
  4. Bottle Sanitizers
  5. Carbonator Caps

Recipe Specials for August

Pacific Gravity's October meeting will feature Brown Ales, and it's not too soon to start brewing. Since everyone can't manage the fermentation temperatures necessary for those styles, we've also got some good recipes for summertime brewing.

Yellow Brick Road Wheat Beer is a great recipe for summertime brewing. It can be brewed as an American wheat beer, a German Hefeweizen or as a fruit beer. What more do you need to know? Brew it $20 this month.

Evil Monk Belgian Pale Ale is one of our most popular recipes and another good choice for brewing during hot summer weather. Find out why it's so popular for only $22.

Finally, we're including a beer that's perfect for the Pacific Gravity October meeting. Malibu Brown Ale is a great example of an American Brown Ale – dark and very hoppy. Best of all, you can brew it in August for only $22.

Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

We're well stocked on a number of yeasts which are perfect for summertime brewing, including Wyeast 3056 Bavarian Wheat, 3726 Farmhouse Ale and 3763 Roeselare yeasts. We've also got seasonals from White Labs in stock, including Dusseldorf Alt, Australian Ale and Abbey Ale IV. You can make great beer from any and all of these, so why not try them instead of the same old, same old?

Carboy Draining Racks

If you're tired of holding your carboys upside down while they dry or, even worse, standing them in the dishrack and hoping they don't fall over, we have a solution for you. A carboy draining rack will let you safely stand your carboy upside down while it dries.

Bottle Sanitizers

We have some nifty units which hold a cup or two of sanitizer then, with a single pump, spray it up into a bottle. Just let it drain and dry and you're ready to bottle!

Carbonator Caps

The Carbonator Cap is a great way to bottle a couple of liters of beer when you want to take it to a party (or club meeting). This little device screws on to any 1 or 2 liter bottle and has a ball-lock fitting on top for pressurizing the bottle so it won't lose carbonation. They're great for carbonating homemade sodas too.

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