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CCHBS News for August 2006

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  1. Recipe Specials for August
  2. CCHBS Celebrates Mead Day August 5th
  3. Honey in Stock
  4. New Product – Belgian Candi Sugar Syrup
  5. Wine – Another Way to Beat the Heat

Recipe Specials for August

As the hot weather continues, we'll keep featuring wheat beers and Belgians as our styles of the month. However, we're also featuring an Oktoberfest beer for anyone who has a way to ferment at lager temperatures, especially anyone who'd like to take some to the Pacific Gravity meeting in October.

Yellow Brick Road Wheat Beer is the most versatile recipe we have. It can be brewed as a German Hefeweizen or as an American Wheat Beer, simply by using the appropriate yeast for each style. Or, by adding fruit or fruit extract to the secondary, it can be brewed as a fruit beer. Only $20 during August.

Wit Men Can't Jump is a Belgian Witbier. If you've ever had a Hoegaarden or Celis White, you know this style is very nearly the perfect summer beer with its touch of coriander and orange flavoring. Brew it during August for $22.

My Favorite Marzen is our Oktoberfest recipe. Confused? Here's the deal: These beers were traditionally brewed in March and served in late September and October. As a result, the same style ended up with two names. My guess it's a clever Bavarian ploy to confuse the tourists. Try it for $26 during August.

Our final special is an old favorite Double Trouble Belgian Dubbel. It's a tasty extract version of one of the classic Trappist styles. If you want it to be even better, try brewing it with a bottle of Candi Sugar Syrup. $30 during August.

CCHBS Celebrates Mead Day August 5th

The AHA has announced that Saturday, August 5th is Mead Day and we're going to celebrate it with them. Jay Hudson has volunteered to conduct a mead making demonstration and will be bringing some homebrewed meads to taste. Hopefully some more meadmakers will want to show off their skills and a good time will be had by all.

Honey in Stock

As part of our Mead Day celebration, we stocked some 1 gallon buckets of honey. These hold roughly 12 lbs of honey – suitable for making 5 gallons of mead. Originally we had one each of Wildflower, Clover, Sage and Orange Blossom honey, but the Orange Blossom went out the door while I was writing this. So if you want one of the others, don't delay.

New Product – Belgian Dark Candi Syrup

There's been a lot of talk lately about what form of candi sugar is actually used in Belgian beers. While the book How to Brew Like a Monk advocated liquid candi sugar syrup, it wasn't available on the US market. Now it is! If you had a chance to taste the Double Trouble Belgian Dubbel recipe that Greg brewed using the liquid candi syrup, you know that it really can make a difference. Isn't it time to try it yourself?

Wine – Another Way to Beat the Heat

Too hot to brew? Why not make wine instead? No boiling is required with our concentrate wine kits. Better yet, red wine yeasts work very well in warm temperatures. Best of all, you'll be surprised at the quality you can get from a concentrate. We keep random examples of various varietals in stock, so stop by and see if we've got something you'd like to try.

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