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CCHBS News for July 2009

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  1. Open on the 4th of July!
  2. Closing Early on July 18th
  3. More New Hops
  4. Wine Kits in Stock
  5. Sign-up List for Beginners Classes
  6. Seasonal Yeast Selections in Stock

Open on the 4th of July!

No, we're not un-American. For years we've been celebrating the 4th here at the store by setting up the grill and, at the end of the day, going over to Culver High football field for the fireworks display. This year, we're just going to open during our usual hours and do the same thing. So if you need something, or are just in the neighborhood, stop by and have a hot dog with us. And if you're looking for a good fireworks show, join us at Culver High.

Closing Early on July 18th

We'll be closing at 3PM on July 18th for the Pacific Gravity summer party. The party isn't here, for a change, and we want to attend!

More New Hops

One good thing to come out of the hop shortage is that we've had to go outside our usual sources of supply and it's brought us to vendors who sell different hops. Recently we tried Summit for the first time and were very happy with what we tasted. Now we've found a source of Sterling hop pellets. We've had whole Sterling for years but we've been disappointed at how poorly it's sold, because it's a really great hop. Now that we have it in pellet form, we're going to incorporate it into some recipes so more of you will find out what you've been missing.

Wine Kits in Stock

I think every vintner really wants to be a brewer, but a friend thinks every brewer wants to be a vintner. If you want to try making wine, we stock a red wine kit and a white wine kit, and can order any type you want. On the shelf now are a Fume Blanc and a Red Zinfandel. They make 6 gallons, why not try making wine this summer?

Sign-up List for Beginners Classes

The beginners brewing class on the first Thursday of each month got so popular we added a second class. That class was so popular we've had to start limiting enrollment by instituting a sign-up list. If you're a beginner and couldn't get into the Thursday class, sign up for the Tuesday class. It's on the third Tuesday of each month.

Seasonal Yeast Selections in Stock

We make a point of carrying a good selection of seasonal yeast offerings from both Wyeast and White Labs. Currently we have Abbey IV, Belgian Wit II and Bastogne from White Labs. From Wyeast we have Bavarian Wheat Blend and Old Ale. We also carry an extensive line of sour beer yeast and bacterial cultures from both companies.

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