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CCHBS News for July 2007

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  1. Recipe Specials for July
  2. We're Now Open on Thursdays Starting at 11AM!
  3. Fourth of July Hours
  4. Purpose-Built Blowoff Tubes in Stock
  5. Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

Recipe Specials for July

Pacific Gravity's September meeting will feature Vienna, Marzen and Oktoberfest lagers, and it's not too soon to start brewing those if you're planning on showing off your mad skills. Since everyone doesn't have the refrigeration necessary for those styles, we've also got some good recipes for summertime brewing.

Yellow Brick Road Wheat Beer is a great recipe for summertime brewing. It can be brewed as an American wheat beer, a German Hefeweizen or as a fruit beer. What more do you need to know? Brew it $22 this month.

Pacific Gravity's style of the month for September will be Vienna/Marzen/Oktoberfest. If you've got the facilities for brew lagers, we're going to help you show off by putting My Favorite Marzen on special for July. Make it your favorite for only $26.00.

Finally, we're putting an old favorite summer recipe on sale, but we're adding a new twist. Double Trouble Abbey Dubbel is one of the store's oldest recipes, but brewing it with the newly available Belgian Dark Candi Syrup makes it a truly brilliant beer. We're combining the two for a special price of $36 during July.

We're Now Open on Thursdays Starting at 11AM!

CCHBS will be open during the day on Thursdays, starting June 28th. This means that we'll be open from 11AM-9PM on Thursdays, just like the big stores! OK, maybe not like Wal*Mart, but if we could talk Pasquale into greeting people at the door, we'd be on our way to becoming billionaires. Or maybe millionaires. OK, thousandaires.

Fourth of July Hours

We'll be closed to celebrate the 4th of July but it's entirely possible that we'll be brewing and BBQing at the store. If you need something, give us a call.

Purpose-Built Blowoff Tubes in Stock

We found the best solution yet for setting up a blowoff tube, just in time for brewing those summer Hefeweizens and Belgians. Made by Fermtech, it looks like a very short ½" racking cane combined with a #7 stopper with an over-sized hole. They're only $6.95 and are much better than the various improvised options we've used in the past.

Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

Wyeast's summer seasonals are the 3726 Farmhouse Ale and 3763 Roeselare yeasts. One is great for making Saisons and Biere de Garde, and the other is ideal for almost all of the Belgian sour beers. We've also got seasonals from White Labs in stock, including Dusseldorf Alt, Australian Ale and Abbey Ale IV. You can make great beer from any and all of these, so why not try them instead of the same old, same old?

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