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CCHBS News for July 2006

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  1. Recipe Specials for July
  2. New Recipe! Saison d'Etre
  3. New Product - Belgian Dark Candi Syrup
  4. Seasonal Yeasts from White Labs and Wyeast
  5. Escali Digital Scales in Stock

Recipe Specials for July

Pacific Gravity will be featuring Wheat Beers in September. Since this is the perfect time of year for brewing wheat beers, we're putting them all on special for July.

Yellow Brick Road Wheat Beer is the most versatile recipe we have. It can be brewed as a German Hefeweizen or as an American Wheat Beer, simply by using the appropriate yeast for each style. Or, by adding fruit or fruit extract to the secondary, it can be brewed as a fruit beer. Only $20 during July.

Wit Men Can't Jump is a Belgian Witbier. If you've ever had a Hoegaarden or Celis White, you know this style is very nearly the perfect summer beer with its touch of coriander and orange flavoring. Brew it during July for $22.

Dunkelweizen is another German style and ours is called Near Dark Dunkelweizen. It is darker than the typical Hefeweizen and the caramel malt that gives the color lends a nice flavor addtion too. Try it for $22 during July.

Our final special is a new recipe: Saison d'Etre. Kevin brewed this one for a beginner's class a couple of months ago and it's so good we couldn't wait to add it as a store recipe. Brew what's sure to become a classic for $26 during July.

New Recipe - Saison d'Etre

Saison is Belgium's version of a farmhouse ale. Since it's Belgian, it can vary in color from light to dark and in strength mild to strong. Ours is brewed along the lines of Saison Dupont, which is the best known commercial Saison. Like the Dupont it's fairly light in color and has an alcohol content of about 5.5%. The first time we tasted this one, we could hardly believe how good it is and we're sure you'll feel the same way.

New Product - Belgian Dark Candi Syrup

There's been a lot of talk lately about what form of candi sugar is actually used in Belgian beers. While the book How to Brew Like a Monk advocated liquid candi sugar syrup, it wasn't available on the US market. Now it is! If you had a chance to taste the Double Trouble Belgian Dubbel recipe that Greg brewed using the liquid candi syrup, you know that it really can make a difference. Isn't it time to try it yourself?

Seasonal Yeasts from White Labs and Wyeast

We've got a couple of pretty good seasonal yeasts in stock. The first is no stranger to many of you: White Labs Dusseldorf Alt Yeast. If you want to brew an Alt, this is the way to go. Also available is a new Biere de Garde strain from Wyeast. If you want to try a French farm house ale, this could be a very good choice.

Escali Digital Scales in Stock

After trying our Escali digital scales for a few months, we've come to really like them. Unlike most similarly-priced scales they can measure down to .05 oz., which is a nice option to have. They're also accurate up to 11 lbs., which is better than most competitor's products. If you're looking for a digital scale for under $50 - way under - you should check this one out.

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