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CCHBS News for July 2005

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  1. Summer Party Hours
  2. Recipe Specials for July
  3. American Cascade Hop Plugs Available
  4. Centennial Whole Hops in Stock
  5. White Labs 10th Anniversary Yeast Still Available
  6. Easymasher Back in Stock

Summer Party Hours

We'll be closing at 3PM on Saturday, July 16th in order to attend Pacific Gravity's 10th annual summer party. If you're not planning to attend, please make sure to get your shopping done early!

Recipe Specials for July

IPA! IPA! IPA! Pacific Gravity's September style of the month is a club favorite and we know you want to brew one! We've got two American IPA recipes, but we're going to be introducing an English IPA at the September meeting, which will be brewed during our July 7th beginner's class. It's not an official recipe yet, but if you'd like to try an English IPA, you can buy it for $30 during July. Our first "regular" special is an old favorite: Inglewood IPA, originally known as Indiana Pale Ale. It's a classic American IPA, and it's on sale for $30 during June. Our second recipe is the original short boil recipe, 30 Minute IPA. You can brew two of these before lunch (Greg's done it before) so why not pick up two of them since they're on sale for only $30 each?

American Cascade Hop Plugs in Stock

There's no easier way to dry hop than dropping a couple of .5 oz. hop plugs down the neck of your carboy. The only catch was that in the past, hops were plugged only in England, so Cascade had to be shipped to England, sat around a warehouse until the plugging machine was available, then shipped back to the U.S. But now, a new company is making hop plugs in America. Better yet, they're dated so you know both the year of the hop harvest and the date they were plugged. We have Cascade plugs in stock and our current batch is from the most recent hop harvest and was plugged in May, so you know they're fresh! Sure, they're more expensive, but the convenience of not having to stuff an ounce of loose hops down the neck of a carboy is well worth it. Plus, they're the perfect compliment to that IPA you're brewing for September, right?

Centennial Whole Hops in Stock

This should come great news to those of you who want to make a Celebration Ale clone. We've carried Centennial pellets for years, but Centennial whole hops can be hard to find. Maybe acreage has increased, but for whatever reason we can get them now, so they're in stock.

White Labs 10th Anniversary Yeast Still Available

We've still got some vials of the 10th Anniversary yeast left. It's too late to brew for the Summer Party but we're going to keep selling them for $4.50 while they last. This is a unique and interesting blend of yeast and is well worth trying, especially at the price.

Easymasher Back in Stock

If you're considering converting a Gott cooler or a rectangular cooler into a mash/lauter tun, the EZ Masher is, well, the easiest way to go. These come complete with a piece of S-curved copper tubing, so the screen sits at the bottom of the cooler, making sure you get all the wort while lautering.

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