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CCHBS News for June 2005

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  1. Recipe Specials for June
  2. White Labs Dusseldorf Alt Yeast Arrives!
  3. Gift Certificates Are Perfect for Father's Day
  4. Bulk Cards Make Good Sense
  5. Carboy Draining Stands in Stock

Recipe Specials for June

Pacific Gravity's August style of the month is French and Belgian ales and to help you get ready, we've got some great recipes on special. Two are well-known favorites, while the third is a new recipe we're intoducing this month! Evil Monk Belgian Pale Ale has become one of our most popular recipes. This should come as no surprise, since it's Craig Corley's recipe and nobody knows the Belgian Pale Ale style better. Best of all, it's on sale for $22 during June. Double Trouble Belgian Dubbel isn't Stevie Ray Vaughan's recipe, but we're sure he would have approved. Brew up a little trouble yourself this month for only $30. Our final recipe is so new we're still trying find a clever name for it. For now we'll call it our Biere de Garde recipe and we think it could turn out out be a classic. This is one of those hard-to-find styles that you've almost got to brew yourself to try. So why not brew a sample this month for only $30?

White Labs Dusseldorf Alt Yeast Arrives!

We've been waiting for Dusseldorf Alt yeast to return as a seasonal offering and our long wait is over! We've got a limited supply and it'll go fast, so don't waste time - pick up a vial and find out what makes this style so beloved by those in the know.

Gift Certificates Are Perfect for Father's Day

You know Dad brews but don't know what to give him? What could be better than letting him choose what he wants? Our gift certificates are always available and are guaranteed to put a a smile on that special brewer's face.

PS to Dad - Leave this where your special someone can find it!

PPS to everyone else - Who says you have to have human children? Doesn't your dog/cat/fish/plant count? Go for it dude!

Bulk Cards Make Good Sense

If you're a regular brewer and not taking advantage of our bulk cards, you should. Why? Because they save you money and help us get our inventory paid off sooner. If it's good for you and good for use, doesn't it just make good sense?

Carboy Draining Stands in Stock

Have you ever tried draining every last drop out of a carboy? It's a real pain, especially when there's a simple, inexpensive tool available while will let you do it safely and easily. Just look for the little blue stands in the front of the store.

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