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CCHBS News for June 2003

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  1. June Recipe Specials
  2. Name That Beer Contest Continues
  3. Pilsner Malt on Sale!
  4. Special Orders Don't Upset Us
  5. Closed on the Fourth of July
  6. Spotlight on Technique - Summer Brewing

STOP THE PRESSES: Whirlfloc now available! By the second week of June we'll have Whirlfloc in stock. It's like Irish Moss, only better - and it's easier to use.

June Recipe Specials

The Pacific Gravity August style of the month is European lagers. While we do have a lager as one of our June specials, we're also running specials on Belgian ales, since the low fermentation temperatures lagers require is beyond the reach of most homebrewers. The recipes we're featuring are Addams Family Lager, Belgian Pale Ale and Double Trouble Abbey Ale. The first two are on sale for $22.00, and the third will cost you $30.00.

Addams Family Lager used to be known as Gomez Addams Lager, but too many people didn't get the joke (you know who you are). It's spookily familiar to a certain Boston lager and is intended to be brewed with the temperature-tolerant San Francisco Lager yeast. However, if you do have the capability to ferment at 50-55 degrees F and lager at 30-35, you should try using one of the many European lager yeasts. Our latest shipment of bulk extract is especially light in color, so you might surprise a lot of people with this one.

Our second summer recipe is a new one - Belgian Pale Ale. We prevailed upon Craig Corley to create an extract version of one of his justly famous Belgian Pale Ales, so you know it's a good. The style is best described as a Belgian perspective on the classic English Pale Ale. Belgian yeast gives it a uniquely Belgian quality.

Finally, we have an old favorite: Double Trouble Abbey Ale. This is our version of the Belgian Dubbel style. Chimay Red is the best known commercial example but if you had Dave Lasdon's version of this recipe at the last Pacific Gravity meeting you know how good this recipe can be. For a little extra flavor and alcohol you can add 1 lb. of dark candi sugar (or plain old brown sugar) towards the end of the boil.

Name That Beer Contest Continues!

You folks mustn't like to win free stuff because due to a lack of entries, the Name That Beer Contest will continue into June. To remind you, we're going to be renaming some of our beers with names saluting the significant role Culver City has played in movie history. We'll be renaming a number of our recipes in honor of famous movies over the next few months, and we're giving you a chance to take part. If you submit the best new movie-theme recipe name we receive during the month of June, we'll award you the recipe kit (or all-grain equivalent) for the beer you named! If we get more than 10 entries, 2nd place will be a 6 lb. jar of extract (or 10 lbs of base malt). If there are more than 20 entries, we'll award a 3rd place too! To be fair, we want to let you know that every recipe is not eligible for renaming: King Kong Porter, Santa Monica Pale Ale, Burton Pale Ale, Brown Derby Brown Ale, Lynch's Kiltlifting Scotch Ale and a few others just can't be improved on, so we're not even going to try. Which beer should you try to name? Well, we just introduced a new recipe, Belgian Pale Ale, that doesn't have a name at all! Try starting there.

Pilsner Malt on Sale!

That's right, your choice of German or Belgian pilsner malt is on sale this month for only $1.25 per pound. Now you all-grain brewers don't have any excuse for not showing up at the August meeting without a Pilsner.

Special Orders Don't Upset Us

We realize that we don't stock everything in the world. We'd like to, but we just can't. But did you know that we're happy to special order items? If you want something we don't stock and it's available from one of our regular suppliers, we'll special order it and charge you less than our usual markup. That's right, you can special order through us and pay less than you would by ordering it from an online retailer.

Closed on the Fourth of July

Since our July newsletter won't be out in time to give people fair warning, we wanted to let you know that we'll be closed Friday, July 4th. Of course, we'll probably end up spending the day brewing out in the parking lot so if you really need something, try calling first. If we're at the store we'll be glad to open the register and help you out.

Spotlight on Technique - Summer Brewing

Summer temperatures present challenges for the home brewer, but does that mean you have to cease brewing for the summer? Of course not! There are a number of things you can do to make sure you keep brewing all summer long.

First, considering making wheat beers or Belgian ales. The yeast used in these styles is temperature tolerant. In fact, hefeweisen yeasts will produce more of their signature banana and clove esters as the temperature rises. The same is true of the higher alchols and phenolics which are part of the Belgian styles. Because of this, wheat and Belgian fans look forward to brewing in the summertime.

If you're not a fan of those styles, you can still brew - you just have to work a little harder. Here are some things to do: 1) Try to find the coolest part of the house to house your fermenters. An inner closet or bathroom is the best choice. 2) Try a water bath. Buy one of those rope-handled "keg tubs", set your fermenter in it and pour in 2-3 buckets of water. The water will help moderate the temperature. Your floating thermometer will tell you the exact temperature of the water. 3) If that isn't enough, slip an old t-shirt over the fermenter. The evaporation will cool the fermenter even further. 4) Need even more cooling? You can direct a fan onto the t-shirt to hasten evaporation. 5) Still not enough? Freeze water bottles and rotate them between the water bath and the freezer at regular intervals. By doing all of the above I was able to brew all summer long in an apartment that reached the 90s during the day!

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