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CCHBS News for May 2007

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  1. Recipe Specials for May
  2. Cascade Hop Rhizomes in Stock
  3. All-Grain Class at the Pacific Gravity Big Brew
  4. CO2 Refills at CCHBS!
  5. Just In - Latest Wyeast VSS Yeasts
  6. Play Brewmaster – Better Than Monopoly!

Recipe Specials for May

May is the month to brew for Pacific Gravity's Summer Party. We know you'll want to show off your beer and compete for Best Beer of the Party, so we've got some crowd pleasers for you.

Double Trouble Belgian Dubbel is an old favorite that impress even the most picky beer drinkers, even though it's a standard recipe. Purchase if for $30 this month.

Our second special is Sunset Blvd. Amber Ale. This is an easy drinking version of an American microbrew standard, which still has enough malt and hop presence to keep it interesting. Try it for only $22.

Finally, we're including Melrose Mild, since it's always nice to have a beer that's not high in alcohol when you're going to be drinking all day. Even though it's a session beer, with less than 4% alcohol, it's still got plenty of flavor from roasted grains. Only $20 during May.

Cascade Hop Rhizomes in Stock

We've had requests for more hop rhizomes, since we sold out so quickly. We like happy customers, so we ordered more Cascade, since that's our most popular variety. Cascade also grows well in this area, as evidenced by our hop garden in back of the store.

All-Grain Class at the Pacific Gravity Big Brew

Many of you have asked about an all-grain brewing class, so we're planning on conducting a class during the next Pacific Gravity Big Brew on May 19th. This time we'll demonstrate the no-sparge brewing technique, which is both easier and requires less equipment than the conventional approach. If you want to attend, plan to arrive by 10:30. The Big Brew will be held at Mike Steinberg's house, just a few blocks from the store. For the address and other information, check the Pacific Gravity website:

CO2 Refills at CCHBS!

By the time you read this, we should be ready to refill your empty CO2 tanks. While we're still working out the price, you can be sure it will be cheaper than going to AirGas.

UPDATE: The equipment for refilling CO2 tanks has been installed and is in operation. Initially, we're setting the price at $15 for refilling a 5 lb. tank, which is slightly more than Tym's and much cheaper than AirGas. Refills will be available during our normal business hours, which means you'll no longer be out of luck if you run out of CO2 on the weekend.

Just In - Latest Wyeast VSS Yeasts

The April-June Wyeast VSS yeasts have arrived and they're well timed for the season. This quarter they're concentrating on Belgian yeasts and the strains available are: 3763 Roeselare Ale, 3822 Ingelmunster Ale and 3726 Farmhouse Ale. The Roeselare strain is perfect for making either Lambics or Flanders Red style beers. The Ingelmunster used to be known as Dutch Castle and is from La Trappe. The Farmhouse Ale yeast is a good choice for brewing Saison.

Play Brewmaster – Better Than Monopoly!

Brewmaster is a board game developed by the folks at White Labs which lets you play the roll of a professional brewer. First, you combine cards to choose the ingredients for 6 beer styles. Then, you try to brew better beers to gain points by drawing crowds away from the other brewers. You'll also draw from the event deck, representing some of the real triumphs and tragedies of the microbrewery world. The player with the most beer festival trophies and crowd markers wins the game. The game is great for two to five players and generally takes less than an hour to play.

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