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CCHBS News for May 2006

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  1. Recipe Specials for May
  2. Winemaking, Another Summer Alternative
  3. Sinamar – For Dark Beers Without the Roast
  4. Escali Digital Scales
  5. 3 gallon kegs in stock! (While they last)

Recipe Specials for May

Pacific Gravity's Summer Party takes place in July. If you'd like to show off your brewing skills at the party, loaner kegs are available at the store. Because of the party, there's no style of the month but we have some great recipes for May!

Since Belgian yeast likes warmer weather, our first featured recipe is Wit Men Can't Jump. It's an example of the Belgian Witbier style, like Hoegaarden or Celis White. It's a great summer beer, with a nice orange and spice flavor. Try it now for $22.

Another great Summer beer is Hefeweizen, so our second recipe is Yellow Brick Road Wheat Beer. This our most versatile recipe, since it can a also be brewed as an American Wheat or as a Fruit Beer. Brew it any way you want during May for $20.

Finally, we've got a strong beer. Weizenbocks are almost an oxymoron: strong, dark wheat beers. If you've ever had a Schneider Aventinus, you know how good this style can be. Ours is called Wizard of Oz Weizenbock and it's only $22 during May.

Winemaking – Another Summer Alternative

If you're wondering what to make during the summer months, why not try wine? Most of you already have the necessary equipment, even though wine kits make 6 gallons instead of the usual 5. We've always got red and white wine kits in stock, so you can get started any time. And if you need the equipment, we stock those kits too. Check out our Winemaking section for more information on this rewarding activity.

Sinamar – For Dark Beer without the Roast

If you've been trying to make a dark beer that doesn't have a lot of roast malt flavor, you know how difficult that can be. The secret is Sinamar from Weyermann. It's a highly concentrated coloring that's made from debittered malt. You can use 1⁄2 oz. to darken a beer a little bit, or you can use a few ounces to make it really black. Either way, it's definitely worth trying.

Escali Digital Scales

If you've been looking for an accurate scale that doesn't cost a fortune, we've found the solution. The Primo Scale from Escali sells for less than $30, but is accurate down to 5/100 of an ounce. That's right, now you can accurately weigh out 1⁄4 or 3⁄4 of an ounce of hops. We're using one in the store, so check it out!

3 gallon kegs in stock! (While they last)

If you've been trying to find a 3 gallon keg, you know how hard they are to find. We just bought 5 of them from someone who's not brewing any more. These are some of the cleanest used kegs we've ever seen and we're selling them for $59.95 while they last.

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