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CCHBS News for April 2008

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  1. Recipe Specials for April
  2. Hop Rhizomes Are in Stock!
  3. CO2 Refills Available at CCHBS
  4. Sake Anyone? Koji-Kin in Stock

Recipe Specials for April

Sunset Blvd. Amber Ale is an old recipe we've reworked recently. For a recent beginner's class, Greg decided to substitute Munich malt extract for the pale extract in the original recipe. We liked the result so much, we decided to make the change official. Try it yourself for $26 this month.

Our second selection is Malibu Brown Ale. If you like brown ales and you like hops, this is definitely the beer for you. Brew it for only $26.

King Kong Porter is an old favorite, and for good reason. It's one of those recipes that always seems to come out well. It's selling for $36 in April.

Hop Rhizomes Are in Stock!

Just as we ran out of our home-grown rhizomes, this yea r's rhizome order has arrived! We have the ever-popular Cascade, Willamette, Chinook and Nugget; varieties which are traditionally hard to find, like Centennial, Sterling and Glacier; and varieties which are simply unavailable right now like Horizon and Santiam. Prices are up a little this year, at $7.50 each but you'd better hurry because they still won't last long

CO2 Refills at CCHBS

Don't forget that you can get your CO2 refills here. We offer refills at a very competitive price, and we have the most convenient weekend hours you'll find anywhere.

Sake Anyone? Koji-Kin in Stock

If you've ever considered making Sake, you know that koji is necessary in order to convert the rice. It can be hard to find, so we're stocking it. All you'll need to add is rice and the wine yeast of your choice.

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