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CCHBS News for April 2007

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  1. Recipe Specials for April
  2. Sale on 12 oz. Bottles – This Weekend ONLY
  3. Hop Rhizomes Are in Stock!
  4. CO2 Refills at CCHBS? Tell Us What You Think
  5. Sake Anyone? Koji-Kin in Stock

Recipe Specials for April

Farmhouse Ales is Pacific Gravity's June style of the month and we've got a great one for you. We're also adding a couple of wheat beer recipes, just because we have wheat extract in bulk again.

Saison D'Etre is one that Kevin created for one of our beginner's classes last year, and he really knocked this one out of the park. It's a truly outstanding example of the Saison (Belgian farmhouse) style. Purchase if for $26 this month.

Our second special is a dark wheat beer, Near Dark Dunkelweizen. If a dark wheat beer sounds like a contradiction in terms to you, you owe it to yourself to try this one. Try it for only $22.

Wizard of Oz Weizenbock is another unusual wheat beer. Why? Because it's strong and has flavor. Try Aventinus to see what we mean. Ours is selling for $30 in April.

Sale on 12 oz. Bottles – This Weekend ONLY

We're overstocked on 12 oz. bottles, so for the first weekend in April, we're selling them for $10.95/case. That's $2 off per case!

Hop Rhizomes Are in Stock!

This year's rhizome order has arrived! We concentrated on varieties that are supposed to grow well in warmer climates, so we have Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, Sterling, Willamette and Liberty.

CO2 Refills at CCHBS? Tell Us What You Think

We have an opportunity to install the equipment for refilling CO2 tanks here at the store. This will be a lot more convenient for most people but we want to know what you think. If we offer refills at a competitive price, will you come to us to refill your tanks? Would you prefer to come to us for refills, or would you rather continue going somewhere else?

Sake Anyone? Koji-Kin in Stock

If you've ever considered making Sake, you know that koji is necessary in order to convert the rice. It can be hard to find, so we're stocking it. All you'll need to add is rice and the wine yeast of your choice.

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