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CCHBS News for April 2006

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  1. Recipe Specials for April
  2. BeerSmith Software – Finally Ready
  3. Kitchen Sink Garden Hose Adaptors
  4. Culver City Residents – Vote for Mehaul O'Leary

Recipe Specials for March

Pacific Gravity will be featuring Saison as its style for June. We don't have a Saison recipe, but we're still going to feature some great recipes for April!

Since Saisons come from Belgium, our first featured recipe is Double Trouble Belgian Dubbel. It's a Belgian (duh!) style, like the beers brewed by Trappist Monks. It's malty, strong and low in hops, so it's a natural for those of you who don't like bitter beers. Try it now for $30.

Since Saisons come from Belgium, we're also featuring Evil Monk Belgian Pale Ale. This recipe has become one of our most popular, and no wonder! It's got all the flavor of the popular Belgian ales, but doesn't have an overwhelming alcohol content. Think of it as the Belgian to drink if you want to finish one. Brew it in April for $22.

We're also featuring a couple of English ales because… um… England is close to Belgium. Queen Mary Brown Ale is an example of the little-seen Southern English Brown Ale. It's malty and low-hopped, just like a Belgian. Try it for $22 during April.

Finally, we've got a beer for those who love hops. Burton Pale Ale is an English Pale Ale, the original hoppy beer. It's a classic recipe and it's only $22 during April.

BeerSmith Software - Finally Ready

Some of you know that Greg's been working on tailoring the BeerSmith software to the CCHBS malt and hop inventory. It's taken, um, a long time because those things are always changing, but it's finally ready! We're putting it on CD-ROM and it'll be ready to go by the time you read this. The price is $22.95.

Kitchen Sink Garden Hose Adaptors

If you'd like to connect things like an immersion chiller or bottle blaster to your kitchen sink, you'll need one of these handy adaptors. They're hard to find, but we finally got a bunch of them from one of our suppliers. They're $4.95 while they last!

Culver City Residents - Vote for Mehaul O'Leary!

We're endorsing Mehaul O'Leary for Culver City Council. As proprietor of Joxer Daly's Irish Pub, Mehaul is a good friend to the home brewing community. Having the ear of a City Council member can only mean good things for CCHBS and Pacific Gravity, so vote for Mehaul on April 11. Better yet, vote only for Mehaul, because the two candidates with the highest vote counts are elected to the Council. By not voting for one of his opponents, it's like voting for Mehaul twice!

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