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CCHBS News for April 2005

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  1. April Recipe Specials
  2. Brew Like the Pros - Servomyces Yeast Nutrient
  3. Dusseldorf Alt Yeast Coming Soon.
  4. Recycle and Save
  5. Perfect Brewing Weather!
  6. Spotlight on Yeast - Seasonals and Specials

April Recipe Specials

Pacific Gravity will be featuring Pale Ales at the June meeting, and boy do we have some great ones for you! Santa Monica Pale Ale is not only our best-selling kit, it's a classic! Brew it now for only $22. Burton Pale Ale is a fine example of an English Pale Ale, and it's also on sale for $22. For you hopheads, India Pale Ale also falls into the Pale Ale category, and we've got two good ones on sale for $30 each: Inglewood IPA is the old Indiana Pale Ale recipe, while 30 Minute IPA is Greg's radical "short boil" recipe. Both are multiple ribbon-winners, so isn't it time to try them?

Brew Like the Pros - Servomyces Yeast Nutrient

Professional brewers can't afford to lose a batch because the yeast stalls out before reaching the proper gravity. To help avoid this, they've been using servomyces yeast nutrient for years. Now it's available from White Labs in a size suitable for homebrew batches. It's not cheap at $9.95 for 6 capsules, but it's a whole lot cheaper than trying to save a beer that didn't ferment out.

Dusseldorf Alt Yeast Coming Soon

White Labs will be shipping our beloved Dusseldorf Alt yeast as a seasonal starting in May and continuing into June. So if you're interested in getting some, let us know now!

Recycle and Save

Don't throw out your extract jars! If you bring them in to be refilled, we'll deduct $.50 from the price of the extract. You save money, we save money and we all help save the envirnonment. Incidentally, this only applies to jars we refill for you. The health code won't let us sell used containers to other people, so please don't drop off jars unless you want to get them refilled on the spot.

Perfect Brewing Weather!

The temperatures right now are ideal for ale fermentation, so you should be brewing now to stock up for the summer.

Spotlight on Yeast - Seasonals and Specials

Both Wyeast and White Labs offer some great yeasts on a seasonal basis. Depending upon past popularity, we usually stock a few of each of the seasonals offered, and they're all worth trying. Be sure to look for them the next time you're trying to decide which yeast to use.

In addition to their seasonals, White Labs has just released a few special-release yeast blends, which all look very interesting. Their American Ale Yeast Blend is a combination of WLP001 and two other yeasts for a little more complexity. If you'd like your American Pale Ale to stand out from the crowd, this is one to try. The Belgian Ale Yeast Blend consists of two Trappist ale yeasts and a third Belgian strain. If you're brewing Belgian ales, you're probably looking for a unique flavor and this blend could easily provide it. Finally, there's the 10th Anniversary Yeast Blend, which is made up of 4 of the 5 yeasts White Labs sold when they first opened: WLP001, WLP002 (English), WLP004 (Irish) and WLP810 (San Francisco Lager). I've been playing around with a couple of recipes designed to feature this yeast and plan to try it soon.

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