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CCHBS News for March 2005

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  1. March Recipe Specials
  2. Complete Kegging Systems!
  3. Homebrewing Magazines
  4. Carboy Wedges in Stock

March Recipe Specials

Pacific Gravity will be featuring Bocks at the May meeting, but sadly we don't have any Bock recipes. We've still got some great recipes for you this month, though. My Favorite Marzen may not be a Bock, but it's close. Besides, what's better to brew during March than Marzen? Try it for $26. Angeles Alt uses a lot of Munich malt, just like a Bock, but it's got a lot of hops too. Is that ever a bad thing? $22 during March isn't bad either. Malibu Brown Ale is an old favorite. If you've never tried making and American Brown Ale, isn't it about time? At $22 it should be a no-brainer.

Complete Kegging Systems!

Are you getting tired of bottling? The solution is easy - literally. Kegging lets you clean and fill one container instead of 50. If that's not enough, for a limited time we're selling filled CO2 tanks in our kegging systems. Try getting that online some time! Enjoy tap beer from your fridge for $199.95.

Homebrewing Magazines

We sell both of the available homebrewing magazines: Zymurgy and Brew Your Own. They've both got great issues this month, so this is a great time to try one or both.

Carboy Wedges in Stock

You probably know that you've got to tilt a carboy in order to get every drop out of it, but what are you using for the job? Pancake flippers? Old paperback novels? Why not use a tool designed for the job? Carboy wedges cost only a few dollars, work better than an improvised solution and are safer too.

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