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CCHBS News for March 2003

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  1. March Recipe Specials
  2. Complete kegging Setups Available
  3. Hop Spotlight - Pride of Ringwood

March Recipe Specials

May’s Pacific Gravity style of the month has been expanded to include all English and Scottish ales. Since the Club-Only Competition hasn’t changed and is still English and Scottish Strong Ales, we’re putting a couple of them on sale. During March both our Old Perpendicular and Lynch’s Kiltlifting Scotch Ale recipe kits are on sale for only $30.00 each. Old Perpendicular is an example of an English Old Ale, a high-gravity beer that ranges in color from amber to dark. These beers are less hoppy and slightly less alcoholic than Barley Wines, but are still strong enough to serve as Winter (or late Spring) warmers. Lynch’s Kiltlifting Scotch Ale is a Wee Heavy. The strongest of the Scottish Ales, these also emphasize malt over hops. Since we realize that not everyone wants to brew high alcohol beers, we’re also putting our Burton Pale Ale recipe kit on sale for $22.00.

Complete Kegging Setups Available

Since we had corny kegs in stock, it only made sense to stock everything else you need to get started kegging. Complete setups with a single gauge regulator, new aluminum tank and used keg go for $175. For only $10 more you can have a rebuilt keg. When you figure in your club discount (you are a club member, aren't you?) you're going to have a hard time finding a better price anywhere. We've also got dual-gauge regulators for $59.95. And of course we've still got used kegs - $20 for pin-lock and $25 for ball-lock. Or try our reconditioned kegs for $34.95.

Hop Spotlight - Pride of Ringwood

Have you evner considered making an organic beer? If so, you'd better start by experimenting with Australian hops. Since Australia doesn't have the diseases and pests that afflict European and American hop growers, their hops are virtually herbicide and pesticide free. Pride of Ringwood is the best-known of the Australian hops and we have pellets in stock. It was the original high-alpha hop, but it's now considered a medium-high alpha acid bittering hop and can be used for flavor and aroma additions as well. Try it as a substitute for Galena, Cluster, or Bullion in recipes calling for any of those hops.

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