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CCHBS News for February 2009

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  1. Latest Hop News
  2. Hops Rhizomes Ordered
  3. Oxygenation Systems
  4. Bottle and Carboy Washer Kits
  5. Second Beginners Class

Latest Hop News

It looks like we'll finally be getting more pellet hops in stock. Orders have been placed for a variety of hops, including Saaz, Halletauer, Northern Brewer, Chinook, Amarillo and Fuggles. They should arrive during the first week in February. More whole hops should be arriving shortly as well. The bad news is that prices are up again, but only slightly. As a result, our prices will have to increase to $3.50/oz.

BREAKING NEWS: We just received a shipment of hop plugs in Cascade, Sterling, Ahtanum, Amarillo, Chinook, Santiam and Willamette.

Hops Rhizomes Ordered

We also have orders in place for hop rhizomes. The delivery date is still unknown, but they could be in before the end of February. We're expecting a number of varietals, all American hops which grow well in all climates.

Oxygenation Systems

If you're tired of shaking your fermenter to aerate the wort, try one of the oxygenation systems we stock. Hooked up to an oxygen tank found at local hardware stores, you can aerate wort in seconds with a few blasts. They cost $34.95.

Bottle and Carboy Blaster

If you want to simplify bottle and carboy cleaning, try the cleaner kit. It includes a faucet adapter, bottle blaster, and hose fitting with 3 feet of attached tubing. You can blast residue from your bottles and carboys with this package. It costs $22.95.

Second Beginners Class a Success

The beginners brewing class on the first Thursday of each month got so popular we added a second class. That class was so popular we've made it permanent. If you're a beginner and couldn't make the Thursday class, come to the Tuesday class. It's on the third Tuesday of each month. We're open Monday and Tuesdays now.

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