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CCHBS News for February 2007

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  1. Recipe Specials for February
  2. Half-Gallon Growlers on Sale
  3. Turkey Fryers in Stock
  4. Grain – Out With the Old, In With the New
  5. Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

Recipe Specials for February

Pale Ales are the April club style of the month, so we're putting three of our most popular and one lager recipe on sale. Plus, we're including a Bock recipe so you can be ready to show off your skills at May's club meeting.

Our first recipe special is Santa Monica Pale Ale. It's our example of a West Coast Pale Ale. With plenty of Cascade hop flavor and aroma backed by malt flavor, it's been the biggest seller for years. Only $22 through February.

The second special is Burton Pale Ale. English crystal malt and hops, along with an English ale yeast place this beer squarely in British Pale Ale category. Enjoy a taste of London here at home! Try it for only $22.

Evil Monk Belgian Pale Ale is rapidly becoming a store favorite. Formulated by our own evil monk, Craigori Corsputin Light gold in color and malty in flavor, the use of a Belgian yeast defines this style. It sells for $22 in February.

Our last style is a classic not often brewed by home brewers. Das Bock is a traditional bock recipe, dark, strong and malty. Purchase if for $30 this month.

Half-Gallon Growlers on Sale

Our mistake is your good deal. We meant to order 3 cases of half-gallon growlers for a total of 18, but instead ordered 18 cases for a total of 108! These brown glass growlers usually sell for $7.95, because the brown glass is more expensive. But we've got too many and are short on storage space, so we're selling them for $4.95 each. They're perfect for making yeast starters because the brown glass allows you to add a hop pellet or two for their anti-microbial value.

Turkey Fryers in Stock

We've got a handful of turkey fryer sets in stock. If you plan to move your brewing from the kitchen to the yard, now is the time to start. For $35 you get a propane burner and accessories to fry your own food… or make beer.

Grain – Out With the Old, In With the New

We've dropped a couple of grains that have been hard for us to get lately, but we've replaced them with a couple that we're excited about. The first to go was Briess Special Roast, because none of our current suppliers carry it. But dropping it freed up a bin so we were able to add Weyermann Cara Red, a grain reputed to give a red color to beer. We also dropped the domestic Crystal 120 and replaced it with British Crystal 135. Finally, Briess Victory malt has been getting hard to find, so on the advice of our supplier, we've replaced it with Weyerman Cara Amber.

Seasonal Yeasts in Stock

We have a number of seasonal yeasts available. The newest from Wyeast are the Flying Dog Ale yeast and the West Yorkshire Ale yeast. Flying Dog is the Colorado brewery that features Ralph Steadman designs on their labels. The West Yorkshire strain is most likely from the Timothy Taylor brewery. Meanwhile, in White Lab's platinum line, we have Essex Ale, Australian Ale and Bastogne Belgian Ale. White Labs isn't as helpful with the hints, but I'm sure somebody can help figure these out.

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