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CCHBS News for February 2004

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  1. CCHBS Closed Feb. 20-22
  2. February Recipe Specials
  3. All-grain Classes at CCHBS
  4. Beginning Brewers Class Instructors Needed
  5. Tim Bardet Joins CCHBS
  6. Kegging Supplies Available
  7. Spotlight on Hops - European Hop Harvest Devastated by Heat

CCHBS Closed Feb. 20-22

That's right, we're all going to San Francisco for the Anchor Homebrew Club of the Year Dinner so the store will be closed. If you need supplies for that weekend, you'll have to buy them by the evening of Thursday the 19th. But the bigger question is, why aren't you going on the trip???

February Recipe Specials

The Pacific Gravity featured style for April is extract beers, and to encourage you extract brewers to show off your beer at the meeting we're putting our most four popular extract recipes on sale for the month of February!

Santa Monica Pale Ale is far and away our most popular recipe. It's a fine example of what's become the classic West Coast style pale ale, featuring Cascade hops. If you haven't made it by now, isn't it time you tried it? Ordinarily selling for $26, it's on sale for $22.00.

Our next most popular recipe is another pale ale, this time from England. Burton Pale Ale is a classic example of the style that first introduced beer drinkers to a beer they could see through. That's not to say that it's wimpy, though, since there's plenty of malt and hops to give it flavor. Burton Pale Ale for $22.00 while it's on sale. Hey, that rhymed!

Playa Porter exemplifies the beer style that dominated the beer drinking world prior to the introduction of pale ales. Porters were not only a favorite with working men, but with the fathers of our country. That's right, George Washington had a standing order for Porter with a Philadelphia brewer. Try this award-winning recipe for $22.00 during February.

We're also continuing to feature our recently renamed Anchor 2003 Homebrew Club of the Year Steam Beer! This special will run through February, or until Anchor's lawyers find out about it. This is the perfect time of year to brew this style, and it's only $22.

All-grain Classes at CCHBS

While we've been offering free extract brewing classes for a long time, we also would like to encourage people to use the club all-grain system. It's available for use by any Pacific Gravity member who's been trained to use it, so we're going to be offering training sessions starting in February. The sessions will be held on the second Sunday of the month and will start at 11AM. Plan to stay until the end of the day because knowing how to clean the system before putting it away is essential. The projected schedule is:

  • February 8th - 5 gallon no-sparge brewing for beginners
  • April 11th - 10 gallon batches using traditional sparging
  • June 13th - Multi-step mashing using hot water mash infusions
  • August 8th - Decoction mashing on the club system

Beginning Brewers Class Instructors Needed

Our commitment to holding all-grain brewing classes means that we're going to need some help with our beginner's class. Most of you have attended those classes in the past, so you know what's involved. If you're an experienced extract brewer who can talk to people and brew at the same time, please contact Greg, Kevin, either Craig or Tim at the store.

Tim Bardet Joins CCHBS

That's right, another Homebrewer and Clubmember of the Year has joined us as a partner in Culver City Home Brewing Supply. We're working Tim into the rotation now, so if you see him at the store, congratulate him!

Kegging Equipment Available

This is just a reminder that everything you need to start kegging is available at CCHBS. We've got 5 gallon kegs for $25.95, as well as the CO2 tanks, regulators and and all the fittings you'll need to connnect them together. If you've got the bottling blues, maybe it's time to consider kegging.

Spotlight on Hops - European Hop Harvest Devastated by Heat

Last summer was one of the hottest in European history, and the hop harvest was devastated as a result. While we've taken steps to buy up as much of the European varieties as possible and have packed our cooler to the ceiling, there's a possibility we may run short before the end of the year.

But all the news isn't so bad. German hops were the hardest hit, with Czech Saaz next and the English varieties affected much less severely. Fortunately, there are a number of newer American cross-breedings of the traditional European hops and we're going to take this opportunity to stock a number of them on a trial basis. If they're popular, we'll make them part of our standard inventory. We've had some of these in stock in pellet form for a while now, but we'll also have the following whole hops for you to try:

  • Crystal - A triploid of Hallertauer, Cascade and Brewer's Gold, this hop is regarded as one of the most successful domestic Hallertauer derivatives. It has a mild and pleasant Noble Hop aroma, with a touch of Cascade citrus
  • Mt. Hood - Another Hallertauer descendent, Mt. Hood is a cross breeding of Hallertauer and Hallertauer Hersbrucker. It's described as having a clean, delicate aroma and flavor.
  • Sterling - A descendent of Saaz, Sterling is often overlooked by homebrewers. With a flavor similar to its parent, it has an herbal, spicy, pleasant aroma with hints of floral and citrus.
  • Horizon - One of the high-alpha acid varieties, Horizon is noted for having the lowest cohumulone levels, which means it provides a bitterness which is much less harsh than the better-known Chinook and Columbus varietals. It has been described as giving a "super clean" bitterness.
  • Warrior - Another high-alpha, low cohumulone hop, Warrior is usually hard to find since Anheiser-Busch buys virtually the entire harvest! They like it because they can use very small quantities to give their beers a crisp, clean bitterness.
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