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CCHBS News for February 2003

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  1. New Front Window Decorations!
  2. February Recipe Specials
  3. Carboy Prices Going Up
  4. Wyeast BOP Packs in Stock
  5. Used Corny Kegs in Stock
  6. Hop Spotlight

New Front Window Decorations!

If you haven't stopped by the shop in the past few weeks, you probably haven't seen our newly-decorated front windows. It's the work of our neighbor, Gloria, who owns Fay's Flowers. If you like what she did for us as much as we do, please consider buying your Valentine's Day flowers from her.

February Recipe Specials

April's Pacific Gravity style of the month is California Common (aka Steam Beer), so we’re putting our Sepulveda Steamer recipe kit on sale for $22.00 this month. If that's not enough, we're also putting a new recipe kit on sale - Gomez Addams Lager. If you've ever had that Boston lager, you'll find this one spookily familiar.

Carboy Prices Going Up

Unfortunately, our supplier just raised the cost of carboys by a whopping $3 each. The bad news is that we've got to raise prices too, but the good news is that we're going to hold the line as much as possible by raising our prices by $2 each. That's right, we're cutting our profit on carboys so we can keep prices down! The new prices are $21.95 for 5 gallon carboys and $26.95 for the 6.5 gallon carboys. And if you move fast, you may be able to find a few with the old price stickers still on them!

Wyeast BOP Packs in Stock

We have a few of the Wyeast BOP (Brew on Premises) sized packets for the 1056, 1028, 1084 and 1098 yeast strains. These contain 105-120 billion cells and are recommended for batches of up to 15 gallons of wort, so they should be perfect for 10 gallon batches. The price is higher, at $9.95, but they contain roughly 4 times as much yeast as the standard smack pack and twice as much as the XL packs. Plus, they activate in 3-6 hours so you can smack them when you start your brew day. If you factor in the cost and inconvenience of making up a big starter, the price starts looking pretty reasonable.

Used Kegs in Stock

You've been asking for them, so we're stocking up on used 5 gallon corny kegs. These aren't rebuilt so we're selling them cheap - $20 for pin-lock and $25 for ball-lock. Plus, we’re got one reconditioned keg left for $34.95.

Hop Spotlight

German Magnum is one of our favorite hops. It's a relatively new German cultivar that combines high alpha acid content with the qualities traditionally associated with the noble hops. A crossbreeding of Galena and Halletauer with contributions from Spalt and Saaz, it's called Hallertauer Magnum in Germany. If you want the bittering capability of a high-alpha hop without the attendant harshness, you really should give Magnum a try.

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