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CCHBS News for January 2006

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  1. Recipe Specials for January
  2. Bulk Cards Are a Good Buy
  3. B-Brite Cleans and Sanitizes
  4. Save Your Back With a Carboy Handle

Recipe Specials for January

March is a great month for beer styles. Not only does it have a great day for drinking Stout, there's a Club Only Competition for American Ales. But fear not, we've got you covered on both counts because this month's recipe specials include some of our most popular recipes. Best of all, they're all on sale for $22 during January.

Santa Monica Pale Ale is not only our single most popular recipe, it may be our best. Add some dry hops in secondary and this recipe could easily have you representing Pacific Gravity in a national competition!

Sunset Boulevard Amber Ale is another good choice for brewing an American Ale. It's a bit less hoppy than a pale ale and has more caramel malt flavor, so it's a great beer for those who aren't hop heads. Plus, it's the first our our recipes whose name acknowledges Culver City as a film capitol. Are you ready for your close up?

Malibu Brown Ale represents the third of the American Ale troika. American Brown Ales are one of the few styles actually invented by homebrewers. You see, back in the bad ol' days when it was hard to find good beer in stores, homebrewers just couldn't get enough hops. One of the happiest results of these experiments was American Brown Ale. If hops make you happy, this is one you shouldn't miss.

St. Patrick is the patron saint of bards and beer drinkers. OK, not really, but Culver City Stout is a fine example of that glorious elixer from the Emerald Isle - Irish Stout. Brew one of these for your St. Patrick's Day party and your guests will all think they've kissed the Blarney Stone.

Bulk Cards Are a Good Buy

We're sorry to say this, but the high price of oil has affected the cost of almost everything we sell. As a result, prices will be going up in 2006. But you can minimize the effect by purchasing our bulk cards, which give you all the benefits of buying in bulk without the storage problems. We've got them for Malt Extract, Hops, Domestic 2-row malt, Imported Malt and Specialty Grains. If you know you're going to be brewing, why not take advantage of better prices?

B-Brite Cleans and Sanitizes

Dan Hakes has written an article for the January Pacific Gravity Gazette extolling the virtues of OxyClean as a cleanser. Sorry Dan, but this really isn't anything new. We've been selling an industrial strength Sodium Percarbonate (the active ingredient in OxyClean) cleanser for years in the form of Straight-A. But recently we started selling B-Brite instead. Why? Because B-Brite is not only a Sodium Percarbonate cleanser, but it also sanitizes! Granted, it does take 30 minutes exposure to sanitize, which is longer than Iodophor, but it's still a one-step cleanser and sanitizer. Not only that, it only requires a single rinse with cold water, instead of the multiple hot water rinses that OxyClean and Straight-A require.

Save Your Back With a Carboy Handle

Lifting full carboys can put a lot of strain on your back, especially if you're using something like a chest freezer or bathtub as a fermentation chamber. One inexpensive solution is to install carboy handles on your carboys. The handle gives you just enough additional height to avoid excessive strain only your lower back. They also provide a more secure grip when moving wet carboys. CAUTION: this doesn't mean you can carry a full carboy around like it's a suitcase - the handle is only intended to make it easier to lift the carboy to a height where you can hold it securely with both arms. But it does make it a whole lot easier to get it up there.

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