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CCHBS News for January 2005

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  1. January Recipe Specials
  2. New Product - Sinamar
  3. New Wyeast Pilsner Yeasts
  4. 5.2 pH Stabilizer
  5. Extra! - Dusseldorf Alt Yeast Now a Seasonal!

January Recipe Specials

In March, the Pacific Gravity meeting will feature Stouts and Marzen. Culver City Stout and Cool Runnings Caribbean Stout are both well-known recipes, so it's on surprise we're putting them on special. But the big news is the introduction of a new recipe: My Favorite Marzen. The Marzen style is better known as Oktoberfest and is one of the classic lager styles. But this recipe is a variation of Harrison Gibbs' Marzen Ale and is suitable for brewing as either a lager or an ale. It'll cost only $26 to try the recipe during January but after that the price is going up to $30. Also on special is Culver City Stout, one of our oldest and most popular recipes. It's a classic Irish Dry Stout and you can try it for $22 in January. Our final special is Cool Runnings Caribbean Stout. Stronger and less bitter than a dry stout, you can buy it for $30 during January.

New Product - Sinamar

Sinamar is an all-malt coloring agent from Weyermann. Created to give German brewers a way to darken their beers while remaining Reinheitsgebot-compliant, it offers some great advantages for any homebrewer. Rated at ~3100 lovibond, 1 oz. will raise 5 gallons of beer 10 SRM. If you're interested in brewing a dark-colored beer that doesn't have the bitter quality dark-roasted malts provide, you should consider this one.

New Wyeast Pilsner Yeasts

We've started stocking two yeasts that don't show up in the Wyeast catalog or website: WY2000 Czech Budvar yeast and WY2001 Pilsner Urquell H-Strain yeast. If you have any interest in brewing Bohemian Pilsners, this should be all you need to know. Previously exclusive to St. Pat's, they're now available to the rest of us - and we've got them!

5.2 pH Stabilizer

This is a great product and we're surprised that it isn't flying off the shelves. If you're an all-grain or partial-mash brewer and you want to make light-colored beers like Pilsners, or dark beers like Robust Porter or Stouts, you should be taking advantage of the way 5.2 pH Stabilizer will bring your mash within the proper pH range.

Extra! - Dusseldorf Alt Yeast Now a Seasonal!

Thanks to demand from brewers like you, who showed the value of this great yeast through special orders, White Labs is bringing their Dusseldorf Alt yeast back as a seasonal. It won't be released for a few more months, but we're letting you know now so you won't miss out when we ask for orders.

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