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Brewing Merchandise

We have all of the equipment and ingredients to get you brewing and keep you brewing! Our staff of experienced brewers will help you get started, make recommendations, and answer your questions. We offer a 5% discount on all purchases by Pacific Gravity members, so check it out. If you cannot find what you are looking for we can order it for you, just give us a call, and we can get you a good price.

Equipment Kits

Our Basic Home Brewing System
Includes two 6 gal. plastic bottling buckets, one lid drilled to fit a stopper, air lock and stopper, siphon cane and hose, bottle filler, twin wing bottle capper, 1 gross bottle caps, bottle brush, sanitizer and instruction booklet. $79.95

Our Standard Home Brewing System
Includes 6 gal. plastic fermenter w/ lid drilled for stopper, 5 gal. glass carboy secondary fermenter, Auto-SiphonTM and hose, bottle filler, twin wing bottle capper, floating thermometer, hydrometer, 1 gross bottle caps, bottle brush, carboy brush, sanitizer and instruction booklet. $129.95

Our Deluxe Home Brewing System
Includes 6 gal. glass carboy primary fermenter, 5 gal. glass carboy secondary fermenter, 2 carboy handles, 6 gal. plastic bottling bucket, air lock and stopper, Auto-Siphon TM and hose, bottle filler, hydrometer, dial thermometer, twin wing bottle capper, 1 gross bottle caps, bottle brush, sanitizer and instruction booklet. $179.95



If you are a beginning brewer it is easy to make any all extract beer kit taste better by just steeping some specialty grains in your wort water, and it does not require any additional equipment. For advanced brewers, or an intermediate brewer looking for a challenge, working with grain is the next step. We offer a full selection of grains, including 18 varieties of crystal malt, 8 kinds of pale or Pilsner malts, 2 Munich malts, British and American chocolate malts, various flaked grains and many more. We have our own mill and can crush your grains for you to get the freshest flavor possible at no extra charge. Our helpful staff can help you learn more about partial and all-grain mashing, and can recommend which of our 40+ grains would be best for your recipe.



We stock nearly the full lines of both White Labs and Wyeast liquid yeasts, along with a good assortment of dry yeast for both beer and winemaking.


Malt & Other Ingredients

We carry Alexander's malt extract in 3 and 6 lb. jars. Pale extract and Munich extract is available year-round, while Wheat extract is available during the warmer months and Dark extract is in stock during the winter. If you bring your malt jar back with you, we'll give you a $.50 discount on refills. We also carry canned Alexander's Pale and Wheat extract. Muntons Extra-Light DME is always available in 1 and 3 lb. packages. We also stock adjuncts, priming sugar, Irish Moss, water treatments, yeast nutrients, a wide variety of hops and almost anything else you could think of adding to your beer.

Don't throw out your extract jars! If you bring them in to be refilled, we'll deduct $.50 from the price of the extract. You save money, we save money and we all help save the envirnonment. Incidentally, this only applies to jars we refill for you. The health code won't let us sell used containers to other people, so please don't drop off jars unless you want to get them refilled on the spot.



We carry a selection of fermenters, from 6 gallon food grade plastic pails to 3, 5, and 6 gallon glass carboys. We can also special-order stainless steel or plastic conical fermenters for those with lofty aspirations.


Bottling Equipment

We always have 12 and 22 oz. beer bottles and wine bottles in stock. We usually have .5 liter flip-top (Grolsch style) bottles and one gallon & half-gallon jugs available, as well. We also stock racking equipment, bottle fillers, bottle caps and cappers.


Kegging Equipment

We can help you get started at almost any level of kegging. We stock soda kegs converted for use with homebrew, as well as CO2 tanks, regulators and quick-disconnects. We also stock everything you need for converting a refrigerator to a kegerator.


Miscellaneous Equipment

We always stock sanitizers, wort coolers, thermometers, hydrometers, airlocks & stoppers, carboy handles, no-boil kits, various sizes of vinyl tubing, winemaking chemicals and a wide assortment of books.


Gift Certificates

If you have a home brewing friend and you are not quite sure what to get them, get them a gift certificate! Then they can pick out their next brew kit or up-grade to an auto-syphon, and you do not need to mire yourself in the details of home brewing.


Bulk Purchase Cards

We also have a frequent brewer program. By purchasing our bulk purchase cards, you can realize the savings of buying in bulk without the hassle. For example, you can buy the equivalent of a sack of grain and simply collect as much as you need from us as you need it. We'll just mark it off your card. Or you can buy the equivalent of 60 pounds of malt extract, then decide whether you want Pale, Munich, Wheat or Dark for each batch you brew. Cards are available for American 2-row malt, imported malts, specialty grains, hops and extract.


Rental Equipment

We have some larger equipment available for rent by the day. This includes wine corkers and other equipment that may not be in your budget or you may just not have space for. Please give us a call to find out what is available and prices.


Special Orders Don't Upset Us

Before you order items we don't carry from some online store, check with us. If we can order what you want as part of one of our regular orders, we'll give you a reduced markup. In almost every case, it will be a good bit cheaper than it would have cost online.

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