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Home Brewer's Reference Materials

Online Books:

  • John Palmer's How to Brew
    This book is geared towards everyone from the absolute beginner to intermediate or advanced homebrewer. It covers malt extract brewing, mashes, troubleshooting, calculating, designing your own recipes, and much more.

Online Magazines:

  • Brew Your Own
    This is a magazine that we carry in the shop, and you can find some of their articles online, along with some tools and an extensive collection of recipes.
  • Zymurgy
    This is another magazine we carry in the shop, which also has some online content.
  • RealBeer.Edu
    The RealBeer Network has constructed this list of publications that they have made available.
  • Brewing Techniques
    This magazine is sadly no longer in print, but they have an archive of their articles online.
  • All About Beer Magazine


Brewing Communities:

  • American Homebrewers Association
    This is of course the national group that organizes big events such as the Beer World Cup and puts out Zymurgy. They even have a Homebrew Club locator on this page.
  • Pacific Gravity
    And this is our more local group...
  • Morebeer's Brew Chat
    This online community talks about brewing techniques, bbq, and everything in between.

Standards & Ingredients:


Other Excellent Links:

  • The Beer Hunter
    Michael Jackson's personal webpage
  • The Real Beer Page
    This is an incredible reference from news to fun facts to new techniques.
  • Los Angeles Beer Guide
    This is a more local guide to beer and beer community in Los Angeles, so if you are local, you should check it out!
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