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How to Brew

Home brewing is a fun and rewarding hobby. You get to make and drink the fruits of your labors, it really doesn't get any better than that! But you cannot just throw your batch together and expect it to come out tasting good, there is a method to brewing, and it is a good idea to learn it before you find yourself with a tub full of foul. We highly recommend that you check out our beginner's brewing classes. Also, we have put together these resources to help you familiarize yourself with the process, give you tips of the trade, and generally get you started brewing right and keep you brewing!

  • Home Brew FAQ
    If you are new to homebrew these frequently asked questions can help get you up to speed and give you and idea of what it is all about!
  • Brewing Your First Extract Kit
    This helpful guide is what we distribute to our Beginner's Brewing Classes, and will get you through your first batch, and beyond!
  • Reference Materials
    This is a collection of some our favorite online resources, from books and magazines to quick reference calculators.
  • Brewing Tips
    This is a compendium of our collected wisdom, browse through it if you want to know more.
  • Recipes
    Here is a collection of our recipes that form the basis of our Brew Kits, so if you don't live anywhere near here, you can still try one of our brews!
  • Recipes Using Beer as an Ingredient *NEW*
    This is a collection of recipes that use beer as an ingredient, yet another way to showcase your homebrew!
  • Local Brew Spots
    If you live in Los Angeles, here is a great way to find where the beer is in your area!
  • Glossary of Brewing Terms
    As with any specialty, we have our own language. This glossary by the World Brewing Academy has the comprehensive glossary. Or check out this helpful glossary by John Palmer will help you decipher our beer-babble and speak it like a pro.
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