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On the first Wednesday of every month, Culver City Home Brewing Supply hosts a beginner's home brewing class at 7 pm. Classes at Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply are held on Sundays, starting at 5 pm (see main page for the next class). Not everyone is comfortable learning how to brew from a printed page, so why not come out and try your hand at brewing. It is also good to see just what is involved in the process before you commit to purchasing brewing equipment. Class participation costs $20, which includes a pint glass with our logo. $5 of your $20 may be applied towards the purchase of any of our Beginner's Equipment kits. If you can't attend the class, each kit includes a copy of our How to Brew Your First Extract Kit guide, which you may use for your own home brewing if you do not get a chance to attend the class or to familiarize yourself with the process before experiencing it!

We have resources for beginner to advanced brewers that you can find in our How to Brew section. These can hopefully sate your thirst for knowledge (and beer) until our next class!

Local Home Brewing Clubs also occasionally offers more advanced classes. But if you want to make sure you know when the next one comes around, watch the Pacific Gravity, Yeastside Brewers or Crown of the Valley websites, and they'll let you know when they are going to offer advanced classes like the following:

Partial-Mash Brewing Class
A class for you extract brewers who would like to do a little more. You don't need more equipment to mash a few pounds of grain, and it gives you much more control over the ingredients used in your recipes. We'll be focusing on an approach you can use on the stove top, so there's no reason why everyone can't take advantage of this class.

All-Grain Brew Class
How to brew all-grain batches on the Pacific Gravity club system. If you want to use the club system, it's important to know how to set it up, use it properly, and clean it when you're done.

All-grain Class - Decoction Mashing
This class focuses on decoction mashes and is a great class for anyone who wants to learn this traditional approach to brewing Pilsners and Bavarian lagers.

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