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What can we say, we like to brew beer! And once we have perfected a recipe we like to share it with you in the form of our brew kits. Our brew kits come with all of the ingredients to brew excellent beer (except the yeast, so that you have some choice in the matter). If you don't know what to try, we can help you pinpoint your tastes and make recommendations. Each month we offer discounts on sellect brews, so sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date and save some money!

Organized by price, alphabetical name, or style.

$24 Brew Kits

Melrose Mild | recipe
An English "session beer", perfect for those times when you want to have more than just one. Low in alcohol but dark and full of flavor.

Notting Hill Pub Bitter | recipe
Yet another English "session beer", this recipe is typical of the kind of beer you can find in any London pub. You won't mind the low alcohol when there's this much flavor.

Yellow Brick Road Wheat Beer | recipe
This is 3 recipes in one. Ferment it with an ale yeast to get an American-style wheat beer. For a Hefeweizen, use one of the German wheat beer yeasts. Add some fruit extract and you've got a fruit beer.

$30 Brew Kits

Angeles Alt | recipe
A German style ale like those brewed in Dusseldorf. Copper colored and very hoppy. (Available only when Munich Extract is in stock.)

Beach Party Blonde Ale | recipe
Golden colored and refreshing, with just enough hop bitterness to balance the malt. This beer is a great one if you want a familiar beer that’s still got more oomph than BudMilloors.

Brown Derby Ale | recipe
A Northern English Brown Ale in the style of Newcastle Brown®. Malty and a little sweet, with just a hint of nuttiness.

Burton Pale Ale | recipe
A classic English Pale Ale like Bass Ale® with British grains and hops for an authentic English flavor.

Culver City Stout | recipe
An Irish style dry stout. Roasted, unmalted barley gives this beer its unique taste. Celebrate St. Patricks day every day with this delicious brew.

Evil Monk Belgian Pale Ale | recipe
What happens when you brew an English Pale Ale in a country whose brewing is dominated by Trappist Monks? You get this dark golden beer which will keep you going back for more!

Kilkenney Red Ale | recipe
Irish style red ales feature a balanced mix of malt and hop flavors. Brew this one and you’ll get a taste of the Emerald Isle in every sip.

Malibu Brown Ale | recipe
An American Brown Ale like Pete's Wicked®. Medium brown color with a hoppy finish.

Playa Porter | recipe
A rich, dark brown but smooth ale. Medium body and hoppiness. The use of high roasted malt give this beer its dark color and roasty flavor. A good beer for meals.

Queen Mary Brown Ale | recipe
A rich, malty beer from Southhampton, the original home port of the Queen Mary. On the sweeter side, with just enough hops to provide a balance.

McGregor's Scottish 80/ | recipe
Scottish beers are identified by the cost of their ingredients in the old currency shillings. 80 shilling beers are also known as "export" because they're stronger than average. Like all Scottish ales they're malty, with just enough hops to keep them from being sweet.

Santa Monica Pale Ale | recipe
An American style Pale Ale. Amber colored and very hoppy. Use of Cascade hops for finishing gives this beer a "West Coast" character like Sierra Nevada®.

Sepulveda Steamer | recipe
This beer is formally known as a California Common beer. It is one of the few beer styles invented in the US. It reached is peak of popularity in turn of the century San Francisco. The only remaining commercial example is Anchor Steam® Beer.

Sunset Blvd. Amber Ale | recipe
A style that originated in West Coast brewpubs, this beer is darker and less hoppy than a pale ale. The distinctive aroma of Cascade hops makes it stand out.

Venice Cream Ale | recipe
This beer is light in color and easy on the hops. It is a great "lawnmower" beer and ideal for those friends and loved ones who don't like their beer dark and full of hops.

Wit Men Can’t Jump Belgian White | recipe
If you’ve ever tasted a HoegaardenR, you know that Belgian Witbier might be the perfect summer beer. Light and refreshing, with a healthy percentage of wheat and a touch of coriander and bitter orange peel for flavor.

$44 Brew Kits

Double Trouble Abbey Ale | recipe
A rich, malty beer like those brewed by the Trappist Monks of Belgium. In the style called Dubbel, it is liquid bread that will provide sustenance for both body and soul.

Cool Runnings Caribbean Stout | recipe
Stronger than the classic Irish Stouts and less bitter, these beers are brewed to suit the taste of those who live in the Islands. Try one and relax, Mon.

Inglewood IPA | recipe
An American adaptation of a classic British ale. These strong ales were highly hopped in order to survive the long sea voyage to India.

King Kong Porter | recipe
Based on our awarding winning receipe, this is a robust porter. It is a strong, rich and hoppy beer. A generous portion of chocolate malt gives this beer a unique flavor.

Lynch's Kiltlifting Scotch Ale | recipe
Based on our award winning Scotch "Wee Heavy". Rich and malty, this beer will keep you warm on a cold night.

Old Perpendicular Strong Ale | recipe
Also known as a "Winter Warmer", this is the English version of a Strong Scotch Ale. Copper colored and very rich, this is a "sipping beer."

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